The Pursuit of happiness

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This is a name of a great movie for Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. This movie talk about a person who was married at the beginning of the movie and this family has a son "Jaden Smith". They were poor and they were straggling for living and this man was very intelligent man who was invented a great machine that could be used in clinic and could save power and very healthy. Any way his wife couldn't tolerate this life and she got a new job in another state and she told him that she had to catch this opportunity and she did leave him and his son.

Then after his wife left him, he was responsible for taking care of his son and also for finding money from his work and at the same time he was searching for sponsor for his invention, and everyone who was told about this new machine was about escaping from his man. So what was the solution??? He couldn't find even the money for renting the apartment, and then he left it and went to the church for free accommodation just for a night and trying to figure out how he can move his new invention to from the dark place. And the most sensitive and touchy part is one day he could catch up the church and he could find any place to stay a night with his son, so he went to the underground and went to the bathroom with his son to stay that night there and beside that he was trying hard to narrate a story to his son to make him feel safe, then after a great struggling he could find a sponsor for his new machine and this sponsor supported this new tool and then he became very rich.

What do you think we could get from this movie? The important issue that whenever you believe in something, don’t lose hope. One day God will help you but try and take a risk in your life and then you could find everything accomplished.


Written by Mohammed Hussein

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