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Hurray!!! I finally made it to the #1 spot here on Bitlanders! Woooh! All that hard work was worth it! Booyeah! 

(ArtGirl's edited screencap of Bitlanders' leaderboard)


 Wanna be number 1 too? Well I'll tell you my story so you will be able to do it too!



♣ What My Being #1 on Bitlanders Mean ♣

Okay, so first of all I have never thought of being number one here in Bitlanders. In February I came back up to #4 from being way way dooown the leaderboard. On the 2nd week of March I decided to finally aim for the top spot. Why? Oh because I have nothing better to do. I got burned out from working two jobs so heck I deserve a long vacation. I've been on "vacation" for two months now. Hahaha. And while my so-called vacation is spent at home churning out blogs all the time, I can't call it a real one. I need ta go to da beach hey!!!

Before I go to the beach soon, let me tell you what steps or actions I did and what my being #1 on Bitlanders on March 23, 2018 means:


♦ I blog a lot, almost everyday.

If you will do what I did, this means you will spend almost the whole day everyday to work hard at making the best blogs ever! You compose blogs about things you like and are interested in and find the best images, videos, trusted articles and keywords/tags for Bitlanders and your readers. 

(Photo credit via Pixabay)


It takes hours and days to finally finish the perfect blog. Why? Oh because you have to edit and edit and research and all that. It takes work people! I was once a perfectionist but not anymore; don't be like that or you won't get anything done in time. Just work at it, polish it as best you can, submit to review (more than 1 blog) for several days and be #1 on Bitlanders too one day!

I'm not an expert on making video blogs or vlogs yet, nor am I serious with photography so I just do what I do best: I blog. WRITE ♥ RESEARCH ♥ EDIT ♥ SUBMIT ♥ REPEAT. I only wish I could do better vids and take better photos but I haven't decided on that yet so read all my blogs and learn! Haha.

Watch this video and be inspired before you read the other things I did!

(Video credit: Endless Motivationvia YouTube)



♦ I only live and breathe online. 

So here's what I did for most of March.

bitlanders_tips(Photo credit via Pixabay)


You sit in front of a computer all day or you type away on your phone all the frickin' time. Your only break would be, going to the restroom and cooking/eating or feeding the cat/s sometimes and taking pictures of random stuff outside when you get the chance and have to go out into the world. Oh and the occasional watching of some unrelated videos and reading some articles aside from researching for appropriate articles to link to, finding the right pictures and videos for your blogs and using the best tags after checking on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value. 

After all that you sleep and then wake up and do the same thing all over again. Fun when your goal is to be #1! Oh yeah!!! *Brings out whip and whips it around.* "WORK IT!" 


♦ I look for my old articles and make them new for all the world to see.

Yeah we all run out of ideas and inspiration. So when you run out of those two and you want to hopefully compose a quick blog, you get your old articles out of some hard drive somewhere and edit them and add some more and voila! New blog! 

bitlanders_tutorial(Photo credit via Pixabay)


Heck I found out it takes the same amount of time (or longer!) to recreate an old blog than to start a new one from scratch! I don't think I saved time from doing it because hey you have to change the words and such so it is still unique. It's like you made a new blog all over again! Who was I kidding? Lol.


♦ I get fed up from blogging.

Please do everything in moderation or else you will end up burning yourselves out which apparently I do all the time. Whew, such a terrible habit. However this terrible habit made me #1 because I was determined to be on top of the leaderboard! 

I got a headache and backache from all the blogging I've been doing so I had to rest a day before I got to the #1 spot. Maybe since I've already and finally reached the #1 spot I can rest again and go back down. Hahaha. Or maybe my headache is caused by my old glasses since my eyes have changed grade again... Hmmm.

In any case, remember to exercise regularly, eat well and take your vitamins to avoid getting sick okay! Don't be like me, now I'm thinking this is it for me after doing all that hard work. Hey I do some exercises sometimes... and stretching... sometimes. :P

Just don't give up, keep doing what you can until you reach success like I did here!!!

Consistency is the key to success, people. Don't forget it. If you hate the word discipline then be consistent! Take my word for it and you'll be richer than me in no time! ♥

Improve yourself everyday and be consistent. Don't do what we locally call a ningas kugon (starting things enthusiastically and then losing the enthusiasm quickly too) or you will never be successful in life (like me? hahaha).  

Watch Simon Sinek and know more about why consistency in any part of life is important.

(Video credit: DMAVIDEOS via YouTube)


Blog all day and all night people and surely you will get sick and fed up like me after you become #1. Hahaha. I'm kidding. Unless your goal is to be number one forever then you will never rest, maybe. Lol. How gloomy can I get? :P





♣ What Else Can Be Done to Be #1? ♣

Okay, the most important, and should be common knowledge by now, is this:

BUZZ other people's posts, login everyday to do the quests and voila! More buzz = more $$$ for you!

Also remember to make quality content. If you want to improve your English grammar you can use Grammarly and I'm sure your star blog ratings will improve too.

And of course, I wouldn't have made it to #1 without the help of spreading my referral link. Use your referral link and invite your friends, relatives and/or other people to be members and get bonus buzz scores! Spread it all over the place and soon you will get one or two referrals a day. The only problem on my end is most of the strangers who sign up don't become active even if I welcome them. :(

Man that's probably going to be my next goal? Hmmmm. Maybe.

Where to find your referral link you say? Look for the gear icon on the top left of your account.

(ArtGirl's screencap of Bitlander's Earn More page)


On your smartphone browser, the gear icon should be on the bottom right.

When you get referrals, make sure to help them out so they will do well here. What's the benefit? Since you get 20% of their buzz score rewards for LIFE, that means as long as Bitlanders is around, you will earn from their buzz score too! So if their buzz score is zero, what will you get? (On a side note, I wonder who my upline here is, must be lucky he/she got me.) Lol.

Anyway, be sure you've read the FAQ section, use the internal search bar and look for other helpful Bitlander blogs for more tips and follow what works for you then inform your referrals to also follow it so they don't get terminated and not get paid for the work they've done.

WARNING: Better start blogging original content and uploading YOUR OWN photos and videos so you don't get terminated from Bitlanders.

You can get removed from Bitlanders if you don't follow the site rules. Yeah, that must be news for you. And then you will start crying, "Bitlanders is a scam!" because it didn't pay you for all the "work" you've done when actually YOU didn't follow the RULES. Well well well don't be surprised if you don't get paid and get terminated soon instead if you don't know the rules. 

work_from_home (Photo credit: Abdulali14 via Bitlanders)


Don't be rude or make fun of other people. This is not the place to do that. Do not use the global chat to bad mouth other people or whatever. Starting a fight or sharing porn in the chat room and anywhere on the site can get you removed too until you learn to keep this site clean and rude/porn-free. You can do those rude comments and NSFW things in other (earning) sites but not here.

As far as being a scam site goes, you can check and see Bitlanders has a HIGH TRUST rating so make sure to follow the rules before calling this site a scam!


(Photo credit via scamadviser)


IMPORTANT: Read  everything in the FAQ section here.

So okay, let me go into detail on the referral topic to help you out. 



♣ Where to Spread Your Referral Link ♣

Here's some tips for you to get more referrals so you can help other people and yourself in earning more $$$.

♠ Facebook buy and sell groups.

Don't SPAM people with your links. Use your local buy and sell Facebook groups to your advantage and invite people who need or want more money like you do. Just make sure to tell them Paypal/Payza is required to get their money.

Yes my friends, go local and spread your link.


(ArtGirl's edited screencap of Facebook groups)


♠ Online forum marketplaces

Are you a member of any forum? Online forums usually also have a marketplace so go and make a post about Bitlanders there and get referrals! DO NOT SPAM POST YOUR LINKS because it will not be good for this site, meaning everyone does not get a lot of $$$ if you spam people. Why? Well who wants to be reported as a Bitlanders spammer huh? You want to get all our site pages blocked from other websites? Only post referral links where it is specified and allowed to be shared with others.


♠ Other social accounts or ad websites

Yeah we all got other accounts. We have Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Myspace, Tagged, Sphere, Sola or what else? Use your blog sites like Wordpress, Blogger etc. Name it and use it. Post that Bitlanders referral link on your other accounts so your followers will see it and join.

I've only spread the word on Myspace, Tagged, (Steemit) and Sphere so far. Lol. That's how serious I was about being #1. I even posted on another popular ad site but it got deleted. Oh well.


♠ Link/Traffic exchanges

Okay so this one I think I've had the least success but if you want to click away to earn credits to share your links and other banners/websites then you can use ILoveHits and EasyHits4U. These websites have existed for more than a decade already.

(ArtGirl's Screencap of ILoveHits and EasyHits4U Home Page)


It's not my thing to click click click all day. It's a thing of the past for me. I used to use Paid to Click sites (PTC) too so the above are where I promoted them then but I've outgrown it. Who wants to spend hours just clicking away, right? Now I just blog a lot and so I reached #1!


* * * * * *

And that's it folks! Follow the above tips and do Hillary's advice too and you will be #1 soon!!! (^_^) Good luck, thank you all and God Bless!

earn_from_blogging(ArtGirl's screencap of Hillary's review on the OCM blog)


Do you have other things to add to become #1 on Bitlanders? Have questions after reading the FAQ section? Leave a comment and let's talk about it so we can all be winners here everyday! :)




♥      I LOVE BITLANDEEEEERS!!!      ♥

I think I will make a banner saying this. Haha. And then I will spread it around some more on that other site.
Oh Yeah!


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If you're not a Bitlanders member yet, sign up and click here
and be appreciated for what you post plus earn extra $$$.


If you have any problem or site issues, please report and send an email to cs[at]@bitlanders[dot]com. 


 All images are copyright of their respective owners. 

Written for Bitlanders by ArtGirl. All rights reserved
© Art x Stephanie Rue


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