The role of youth in Afghanistan

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Many countries in the world have a certain value for your youth, because the youth are the leaders of the government several years of domination as they will again if in my country, but only a difference that is also the same is that the country  According to current statistics are quite young and young in the world and second largest in terms of corruption in the country, there is very little attention to this generation as far if not for the past few years immigration were the only people today which studies educated people migrate to work due to lack of landset up of the energy use in the developing country.

And do not let other countries take advantage of these young people can be seen and even political interests of their countries in their hand

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به نام خدا نعت الله کاکر هستم. تحصیلات ابتدایی خود را در کشور ایران به پایان رساندم و تحصیلات لیسه خود را در شهر هرات در لیسه سیفی به اتمام رساند. بعد از سپری نمودن امتحان کانکور به پوهنحی کامپیوتر ساینس راه یافته و در سال 2013 آن را…

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