The World Is Changing For The Better

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    The World is definitely changing for the better. The change is not so subtle that it can’t be easily felt. The change is a pronounced as a clarion call. It is in the air that the world has passed through its worst period. It has survived the rude historical shocks and is now on sooth rail tracks. It is geared up and gaining momentum to fly our of its lingering misery in shape of poverty, disease and ignorance. Awareness is spreading fast. Minds are getting enlightened Orthodoxy is on the retreat.


            It is already a changed world. Things which were impossible to think only half a century ago, are being practised. Common people have become masters of their destiny. They can change their masters when-ever they like in fact masters are not masters any more. Dictators are vanishing one by one. Liberty is the order of the day. “Human rights for Human beings” is an accepted slogan. It is no more possible to subjugate the masses. It is no more allowed to control the lives of others.

Man has suffered most at the hands of man. His clinging to redundant faiths and absolute ideas retarded his progress considerably in the past. He has been groping in the dark of centuries. He has been sacrificing his well-being at the altar of his ego. He identified devastation with glory and thrived on superstitious beliefs but wind of change has started blowing. The world is coming to life. Man is getting free from the shackles of extremism and false-hood. He has started breathing in fresh air of progressive ideas and liberated vision. He is in the position to see in the future a future which is totally free from the exploitation of man by man.

             The world is changing for the better because man has realised that he cannot remain isolated. He is coming to terms with his progency who may have different set of beliefs because he has fully realized that density of all h progencyis the same. He considered it futile to waste his energy and resources in undermining others. The concept of global village is getting popular day by day. Zealots are feeling out of place and totally rejected. People are reaping the fruit of harmony and co-operation. Treaties of friend-ship are being signed every month. Century old animosities are turning into deep sense of co-existence. There and celebrations and festivities every-where. Unlimited mutual trust and will to work together in a suspicion-fee atmosphere is the hallmark of our age. In short, the world is changing for the better


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