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"You And I" cover

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Haven - Harmony


Image Credit: Wikipedia "Harmony" is episode three of season one of Haven, a supernatural drama series loosely based on Stephen King's……

by egdcltd

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Fitria Nurul

What is love the trully? Can you explain.. Is in marriage, in which number love is?? Please write here to explain for me

by fitria-nurul

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Universal Laws


When we have a life of full harmony we will have the strongest vibration possible thus reaching God level. We are made up of trillions……

by PokeSmot

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Atomic energy


Atomic energy With the beginning of twentieth century the new concept about mass and energy was given by Albert Einstein , he gave……

by Kiran-Rehman

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Islamic Festivals

Sidra Asif

The term festival means a celebration of a day by a group of people or community .Gala is another word used for festival.The festivals……

by sidra-asif

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A good citizen


“Theodore Roosevelt” said, "The first requisite of a good citizen in this Republic of ours is that he shall be able……

by zainbabu

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