Things that I Learned from Horror Movies

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I am a fan of horror movies especially the ones that include possession and exorcism. However, I don't like disturbing scenes which SAW series is filled with. Anyway, let's forget about my likes and dislikes and discuss what i have learned from the horror movies.


1) Always stick together and stay in a group.

2) If you are a bully, it is very likely that you will be the first to die.

3) Don't look in the mirror because there will be always someone standing behind next to you.

4) Always keep your car keys in pocket. Never leave them on a table or in drawer.

5) If you guys are making out, you both are gonna die.

6) Never look under the bed. If you are insistent, then at least call your Mommy or anyone first before doing that.

7) Never run upstairs to save yourself. Instead, use the main door and get out of the house.

8) First of all, don't stay at home alone. But still if the luck puts you in such situation, call your neighbors for help.

9) Call 911 even before messing up. So you don't face any signal or battery issue later on and the police reaches on time.

10) Don't try to solve mysteries, just run for your life. You can always come back later with more people.


I know you guys also see a lot of horror movies. You can always add anything to the list above. 


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