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Gone were the days when we have to wait until another student return the book that we want to borrow from the library because the school has limited copies of the said book. 


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Gone were the days when we have to wait for several days or even weeks before we could receive the letter sent to us by our loved ones and friends who might be living in another place. Thanks to the internet. Snail-paced communication and manual ways of doing things are now things of the past.

My High School Days - the Time when There Was Still No Internet

I went to high school in 1986, the time when the internet has not been in existence yet. The development in the country was in slow-paced. There were no computers and mobile devices. The only thing I could associate with technology during the time was the telephone which we had in school. We can use the phone during break time or if somebody from other place called us. 


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Researching was a major part of being a student. I spent most of my free time in the library in order to comply with the requirements in school. My family can't afford to buy those books since the money was just enough for the tuition fee and our daily expenses. 

I discovered my designing ability at an early age. Since there were no computers or any similar device we could use, we are doing everything manually. One example is the cover page for our projects. Some schoolmates would come to me to have their covers made and in return, they are paying me some small amount. Just enough to cover some fare expenses. I also joined several poster-making contests and the prize, I would add to my allowance.

Working With Computers For the First Time

I learned how to use a computer when I worked in an appliance center. The company needs to record the sales as well as the collection. We were using the old system, columnar and worksheets and for printing documents, we are using typewriters. Everything else has to be written.  After some time, my boss asked me if I know how to use a computer. I said yes though I am not sure if I could really do it. My college lessons were not enough to say that I gained skill in this subject.  I bought a book and started learning my computer lesson without the actual computer. 

I learned more in handling computer when the unit arrived and my boss assigned me to take charge of all the documents requiring such. 

Where We Are Today

Today's advanced technology has changed a lot of things. Everything can be done with a click of a mouse or a tick of a button. Many opportunities have been opened to the people. Access to information is no longer a problem. Communication has been more opened and can be done at a real time. 

As of this writing, there are around 4 billion internet users in the world which comprises more or less 52% of the entire world population

What Are The Things that We Can Do Online?

Here is a list of the things that we can do online. Learning how to make the internet work for us is a must thing nowadays. Check which one you are currently engaging with and learn a few more uses of the internet which you may want to adopt in the coming days.

  • Connecting 


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This is the most popular use of the internet.  Social Media is so popular nowadays and is being used both for personal and business alike. We can send email, newsletters, reports and other documents through the use of different email companies.  We can connect with our loved ones and friends wherever they may be in the world. No more waiting, we can communicate in real time. 

  • Research


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Almost everything that we asked from the different search engines, especially that of Google has an answer. Are you using a language other than English? No problem. Google has the ability to translate information into 100 languages

Research is crucial in everything that we do. whether the information is to be used in our studies, work, planning or other things we want to accomplish, the internet is a big help.

  • News

Because of the popularity of the internet to the people, newspaper companies, television stations, and magazines can now be found online. The good thing is you can now access these programs even you are away from home with the use of mobile devices. 

  • Shopping


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Do you love shopping but does not have enough time? You can go shopping online. It is easy, convenient and there are thousands of items you can choose from. 

  • Banking and Transfer of Funds


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Spare yourself from the long queue of line on the banks. With online banking, you can do a hassle-free withdraw and transfer of funds.  

  • Purchase of Load


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This is one of the things that amaze my colleagues. while others are doing the traditional e-loading business, I am loading through online via Cinsph. Since this company is offering a 10% rebate every time I purchase a load, I no longer ask payment from my clients. 

  • Play Games


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People who love to play will certainly enjoy playing online games. Online games are popular internet activity that people would love to engage with. Whether you opt to play alone or with a group, you can play games online. 

  • Download/Upload Documents

Download everything you want. Photos, movies, music and other documents. Upload your files for safekeeping.  

  • Convert Files

Do you have documents that you want to merge into one? Or probably you want to convert a large Word file into a PDF file? You can do it online easily while doing other things. SmallPDF, Nitro and PDF Converter are only some of the sites that offer such services. The good thing is, you can do it for free.

  • Securing Passport and Other Documents

Even government agencies are now using the internet in order to serve the people without going to the main offices. We can request a copy of our birth certificates and other documents including but not limited to securing passport via an online appointment. 

  • Working/Business


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If there is one thing that I love most about the internet, it is being given an opportunity to work at my own time and place. Opportunities are continuously increasing giving a chance to those who opted to work at their own time. 

Because internet becomes a part of everyone's everyday life, businesses started to utilize this for their ventures. The more the internet becomes popular, the greater the opportunities are being made available.

This is the first thing that makes me love the internet. Being able to work online is more than just an opportunity. It is a blessing. 

Final Words:

The Internet is continuously growing and it shows no sign of slowing down. How we make use of it can make a great impact on our lives. With the current time that almost everything that we do is dependent on the internet, what else can't we do? 

Thank you for reading.

Here is another video showing the many uses of the internet. Enjoy watching!

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