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This is an appreciation post to duly thank my very kalog(by kalog, I mean throwing random jokes na talaga namang bumebenta sakin. In short, very funny siya. haha) and humorous friend here who has a pretty fair feet and who's very talented at making random arts and patterns which I find really cute!! I guess by now you already have an idea who she is. 

Woot! Thankyou sissy @geetwo-narat for letting me use one of your wonderful and very cute creations! I guess you all don't know how much I adore penguins. I actually call my boyfie my penguin sometimes. We don't have cheesy endearments like baby, hon and the likes. It's just not us.


So what do I love about penguins? These faithful beings are very remarkable for me. They only have one partner for life. Being monogamous, once they have found their partner, they'll stick around forever. I believe that's how all relationship should work. ;)



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