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Tinker Bell is a great animated movie series produced by Hollywood. Although it is all about fairies and fairy tales which are loved and liked by females only but it is equally popular with males too. Tinker Bell series was started back in 2008 and the very first movie released was named as Tinker Bell. After that 6 more movies were released. The order of the movie series is given below along with their year of release.

① Tinker Bell (2008)
② Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009)
③ Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)
④ Pixie Hollow (2011)
⑤ Secret of the Wings (2012)
⑥ Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (2014)
⑦ Tinker Bell and the Legend of Never Beast (2014)

These are all the seven movies released of the Tinker Bell series and believe me, all of them are very exciting to watch. Recently, I have watched Tinker Bell and the Legend of Never Beast which was released in 2014. This movie is also very awesome just like its previous movies and today I am going to write a review of this animated movie.

Animal Fairy and the Baby Hawk


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Animal Fairy is very kind-hearted in this movie. She found an injured baby hawk and despite knowing that adult hawks eat fairies she brought her to Pixie Hollow. Animal Fairy Fawn was afraid that if she tells everyone about the baby hawk then the scout fairies would kill him so she hid the baby hawk in her house and took care of the baby hawk. When the baby hawk was all fine, Fawn decided to take the baby hawk out of the pixie hollow so she asked Tinker Bell to help her.

They hide the baby hawk in the cart by putting berries on it and both were taking the baby hawk out from the Pixie Hollow but suddenly many fairies came for help to bring that cart into the woods and in a very next moment they discovered that a baby hawk was hidden under the berries and all the fairies started to shout and scream and so does the baby hawk.

Listening to the shouts of fairies, scout fairies come to rescue and listening to the shouts and screams of the baby hawk, adult hawks came for the rescue. After a lot of fighting between the adult hawks and faires, the baby hawk flew away along with the adult hawks but a lot of mess was created just because of the animal fairy Fawn.


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 Animal Fairy and the Never Beast

Animal Fair Fawn is too kind to the animals in this movie. She was feeling alone and sad after the baby hawk left. She was playing with the other animals of Pixie Hollow and suddenly she heard a scream from the woods. She went all alone into the woods without telling anyone. She followed the scream which was coming continuously from the woods. In the hunch, she observed that the scream was coming from a cave and she went into the cave.


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When Fawn was in the cave, she saw a big large monster who was very scary. It was Never Beast who was crying due to the pain because of a thorn which was stuck in his foot. Fawn tried to remove the thorn without being noticed by the Beast but she was not successful. The Beast came out of the cave while crying and moaning and Fawn was following her so that she could remove the cause of pain. The Beast was collecting some kind of rocks and making some kind of tower with a thorn stuck in its paw. 

Fawn came up with an idea and somehow she removed the thorn from the beast's paw. She really enjoyed her day with the Never Beast and they become good friends.


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Scout Fairies and the Never Beast

Scout Fairies also heard the voice of the Never Beast and they started to study about it. They also observed that the Animal Fairy Fawn is behaving differently and she is out in woods most of the times. So they followed her and discovered that she was playing with the Never Beast and helping the Beast in making those four towers. The scout fairies have heard that when these four towers are completed, the Never Beast will turn into a flying Beast and it will burn the Pixie Hollow so they decided to kill the Never Beast.

As soon as Fawn heard about their plans she decided to protect the Beast and she asked her friend for help. Her fairy friends along with Tinker Bell joined the party. The Beast was not listening to anyone and remained busy building those four towers.


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Never Beast and the Pixie Hollow

Pixie Hollow is a character meet and greet attraction at Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland offering guests the opportunity to greet with Tinker Bell from the Disney Fairies franchise.

Source: Wikipedia 

Soon the day came when green clouds gathered over Pixie Hollow and the lightning started to fall on the trees and plants in the Pixie Hollow. Never Beast was completing the fourth tower and when she did it, the scout fairies captured her and the Beast become unconscious. Animal Fairy Fawn came to rescue the Beast and she released her from the captivity.

When the Never Beast woke up, it had wings and horn so the Beast flew towards the towers where lightning was falling continuously. The Never Beast put the lightning on her horns from all the four towers and went straight into the clouds where a large blast occurred and the green clouds went away. The Beast was falling to the ground but the fairies rescued the beast with the help of pixie dust.

Pixie Dust is a magical golden glitter-like powder that grants the abilities of flight.

Source: Disney Wiki


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Happy Ending

The scout fairies realized that the animal fairy was right that the beast named as gruff is protecting Pixie Hollow and Gruff is not a bad animal. After the completion of her mission, the Gruff begin to feel sleepy and before Gruff went to sleep, all the fairies took the Gruff to the cave with an honour and make a comfortable sleeping place for the Never Beast in the cave so that Gruff could relax until she woke up again and protect the Pixie Hollow.


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Critical Review

Besides the storyline which is really awesome, the graphics are also deserved to be praised. The animations are really awesome and heart capturing. The graphics of Pixie Hollow and the tiny fairies are really cute. One would easily fall in love with those tiny fairies, if they watch this movie. Not only the visual effects, its audio effects are also very cool. The voices behind the characters really match and the background music played is really lovely. I would encourage the readers to watch this movie and I am sure that you will not regret after watching this movie. In the end, I have added a trailer for this movie so that you might have a better idea of this movie and develop an interest to watch it.

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