Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actor in Hollywood. He's my favorite of all the actors i have watched in hollywood. He did so many movies and all of them were great. The first movie that I've watched that he is the main character is "The Green Mile" his role in The Green Mile is Paul Edgecomb the head guard in the Mile which they supervised the execution of the inmates there. Other know movies of him is Forrest Gump  just like in the picture. His acting in Forrest Gump is great. He won his first oscar award in his film Philadelphia followed by Forrest Gump on the next year which is he won two consecutive year in a best actor.

All his movies were great and his roles are all different and he still manage to cope with different genre in roles like in comedy which he first become popular in some of his comedic roles.

I still watching some of his movies even if i already watched it. That's the effect of being a fan of Tom Hanks