Topic about Respect

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Topic about Respect

An attitude of admiration to show consideration and treat courteously .Sam: do I have a duty to respect my elders?

Elders have lived longer than we have and have therefore learnt a lot more than we have in the light of this. it is important that we give them the respect they deserve , based on their greater age and experience . However if someone’s behavior is consistently immoral careless. Hurtful or violent ,no one has a duty to respect someone simply because they are older .

John: how I show respect to my parents?

As you grow ,respect between parents and child is essential for a healthy relationship .it is important that you listen and assess your parents views on any

issues remember that your parents have greater experience and you may be able to learn from them  the greatest respect we can give to our parents is to treat them well and to allow them to assist us in growing up process


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