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The BFG trailer has been released, presenting an epic adaptation of Roald Dahl book that dealt with the legendary director Steven Spielberg.

Video Trailer of the Movie

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If you watched the trailer for The BFG using the link above and expect a brutal action scenes come with heavy weapons, you will surely be disappointed. The BFG mentioned here does not mean Big F- Gun, abbreviations popular since 1995 Doom era past. It also means Big F- Giant though, as you can see from the picture above, there really is the giant in the film.

The BFG referring to the giant who became the main character. In the world of this story, almost all the giants are fierce creatures predators of children. But the BFG, short for Big Friendly Giant, is different from the other giants. He did not deign to prey on children. Giant this one even more like to eat vegetables disgusting than to hurt the kids.

And his face was like this.

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The main protagonist is the story of Sophie, an orphan girl who lives in an orphanage. One day, BFG led her out of the orphanage to her home in the land of the giants.

When the threat of the other rising giant, Big Friendly Giant was working to stop them. How do they plan to do that? Do they succeed, or will this story end in tragedy? To know the answer you can await the release of the movie ... or trying to find the book The BFG, both print and digital versions.


Given this film directed by Steven Spielberg, clearly fans can expect exciting action and thrilling adventure. Perhaps a class with The Adventures of Tintin : The Secrets of the Unicorn is a 2011 release then. There, Spielberg can present faithfully the elements that make the adventures of Tintin can still be enjoyed until now. It would be shocking if it turns out he was not able to present a faithful adaptation that way as well.

At a minimum, the result should be closer to the vision of Roald Dahl than Michael Bay-style modernization.

But one warning for parents: although it can be enjoyed by all ages, do not be surprised if there are parts that will be felt creepy in The BFG. After all, the film is based on the works of Roald Dahl, the author who sometimes mixes horror and death in children's books though. Even his most famous book was, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, still has some parts that can feel horror for children.

At least, there is the major strengths of this film which is already visible: the visual. Starting from the beginning to the end, the visual of the trailer The BFG is really beautiful and extraordinary. The appearance of the giant made with a little cartoon style, but still feels alive. Not to mention the world presented therein.

Intrigued by The BFG? You do not have to wait too long. The film is planned for release in the Americas region around July 2016.

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