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The question is what love is and what is meant by love. The love is a special feeling in heart for someone. These feelings are not seen but its effects can be feeling in behavior of a person and facial expression of a person. It is not expressed in words it can also be feel.


Now question is what true love is. True love is the meeting of two minds. Shakespeare also said that the true love is meeting of two minds. It is also the meeting of two hearts and two souls. Person when fall in love with someone, he or she feel his or her presence in his or her heart.


Love is with any one like parents, brothers, sisters and with life partner. Two minds think together go together. They know each other very well. They live for each other. Love is not a word for them. It is a whole world for them.


Love is like a feeling which is not expressed. Lovers are in touch with each other. All the time they think for each other. They have respect for each others feelings and emotions. Love is a most precious thing out of this world. True love is doing love for someone with core of your hearts.  

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