Turn your cellphone as a fire starter

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I watched the episode of Bear grylls : Man vs. Wild.. in which his mobile phone use it as survival tool. He was showing how to start a fire using a mobile phone. 

The phone was waterlogged and far from a cell tower, of course, because simply calling a rescue team wouldn’t be much of a show.Grylls stuck his knife into the battery, and as soon as the lithium touched the air, the whole thing began to smoke wildly.


Truth is, though, any phone with a large lithium battery that gets punctured will start to smoke (as Grylls demonstrated).The warning is stamped right on the phone's battery: “WARNING. Potential for fire or burning. Do not disassemble, puncture, crush, heat, or burn.” but when it is needed just do it like Grylls done and this is how I believe that yes we can make fire with it..and our phone can be use always as a emergency tool..

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