Types of conducter

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  1. Hard Drawn Copper conductors:-
  • Copper  for overhead line is hard drawn to give a relatively high tensile strength.
  • Copper has a high electrical conductivity , long life and has also high scrap value.
  • Copper conductor is most suitable for distribution work where spans are short and tapping are more.  


  1. Cadmium Copper Conductors:-
  • The tensile strength of copper is increased by adding small amount of cadmium to it.
  • The conductivity is reduced by 15% to 17%.
  • The conductor is easy jointing, more resistance to atmospheric corrosion and better resistance to wear.                                                                            
  1. Steel Core Copper Conductors:-
  • When one or more layer of copper strands surround a steel core then it is called steel core copper conductor                                                                     
  • The steel core increase the tensile strength of the conductor.
  • The core is provided with bituminised cotton tape to protect the conductor from the galvanic action.                                                                                          
  1. Copper Weld Conductors:-
  • Copper is welded on to a steel wire by hot rolling and cold drawing a billet of steel coated with copper.                                                                                                               
  • The conductivity of weld copper conductor is varies from 30% to 60% of that a solid copper conductor with same diameter.
  • The conductivity is standard grade is about 40%.                                            

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