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Understanding Multigenerational Household More


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Multifold numbers of families in the world living in a household called multigenerational household nowadays. And as Filipina, I can't deny the fact of knowing and perceiving such that Filipinos do have this kind of approach too. This kind of a household can able to stretch to over three to four generations and they are distinctively known in some other progressing countries; also that it grant multiple generations as a norm or a benchmark by each specific home. The United States of America as a very common and highly developed country, it also is one of the countries in the world that is dominated by a household with multiple generations in it. This type of a household classification tends to join as a one team group that bear together the rising expenses of the real estate, healthcare concerns and also childcare issues. And as they join forces, without regard to, this type of a household also produces a new bent of a possible dilemma, and this kind of dilemma must be fully noted in order to contribute such productive outcome to a certain state and also to empower more and thrive further.


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What is a Multigenerational Household?

Multigenerational household is a type of a household in many developing countries or even not yet fully developed that consist of a generation of two or more living under one roof. And this type of a household sketch in advance to meet the needs of a family of more than one.



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''The U.S. Census Bureau defines multigenerational families as those consisting of more than two generations living under the same roof. Many researchers also include households with a grandparent and at least one other generation.''



Types of Multigenerational Households

1. Three-generation: The most prevalent and in somehow the universal kind of a multigenerational household. They may be classified having a one or more working adults, one or more children and add the grandparents/grandchildren too. 


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2. Grandfamilies: The head of this type of a household multigenerational are the older couple and live with their grandchildren that are not beyond 18 years old.


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3. Two Adult Generations: This type of a household dwells with a parent and children not above 18 to 22 years old. But in the 'boomerangs,' some unemployed children tend to go back home.


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4. Four-generation: Grandparent, parents, great-grandparents, adult children and their children are in this type of a household.


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Behaving in a Multigenerational Household the Appropriate Way

1. Recognize the cause why you need this kind of an arrangement. We all know that every deal has its different advantages and disadvantages, and in order for all the members to live harmoniously each of the members must be responsible enough to dwell on things by a group. Because conflicts and dilemmas will surely rise from time to time due to individual's uniqueness and it is going to be hard as a rock. That is why this causes may help you freshen up your hot mind.

a. Money. You are choosing this kind of a set up because you are financially unstable at the moment so you need some backup.
b. Immigration
c. Living in a place that is in a high cost and living with other family members in a single house might be budget friendly.
d. Both parents have work and grandparents are the one taking care of the children.
e. Asserting customs and religious norms.
d. Unforeseen instances like physical injuries or restraints of a member of the family.

2. Have a healthy deliberation with each member on why you need to live with them and how long if it is temporary and most of all explain why you need to.

3. Responsibly help the members of the family with a present task inside the house and know when to act such or when not to act such. And if someone of the family needs care, offer your best care to them responsibly.

4. Talk over with some personal concerns with each member of the families in order to get respect from each other. Like:

a. Discussing privacy concerns because in this kind of a household privacy is sometimes being neglected and that is why everyone must take fully the significance of privacy.

b. Never ever get involved in the middle of a fight of a couple inside the house unless physical abuse is being acted upon. Know your boundaries and you must know when to give pieces of advice or when to not give pieces of advice.

c. Set limits on your hobbies that may produce loud sounds even if you love so much music you still need to give them the peace they deserve and respect they needed.

d. Like what I have mentioned above, bathroom concerns is also a privacy concern too that is why bathroom locks must be present to avoid embarrassment and humiliation.

5. Parent's have their own rights on how they will raise their own children because parents have the most legal rights on how to raise their own children and letting them be is giving them the respect they need from you.

6. Organize the monthly payments like bills and discuss it with the members of the family on whom each bill may responsibly pertain to.


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7. A family meeting might help solve a certain issue within the household because two heads are better than one. However, if it is something personal, you just need to discuss it personally.


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8. Spend quality time together as one big happy family. This kind of a recreational activity might help strengthens the bond with each member of the family as well as a good contribution to some happy times.


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All in all, every family is special and unique by their own little ways and foul arguments and conflicts might come along the way every now and then so we must always remember to take cool-down measures before initiating such awful words or decisions that might give you regretful moments later on.

'' Our families are just like our angels here on earth, they only want the best for us too!''



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