Unemlpoyment And Its SIDE EFECTS

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Unemployment is a biggest matter in every country has bigg ratio of unemployment  Developing  countries are facing unemployment  problem severally because they do not have enough capacity for utilization of resources. . Who Peoples are educated they want to job willingly but they don’t find job is called unemployment.

 Developed countries has full employment scale because they have utilized their resources properly and efficiency.

The Side effect Of Unemployment:


    The big impact of unemployment is poverty. The 15 – 24 years peoples are highly effected from the unemployment. They will not get  the jobs due to the unemployment . They search for the job all over the country and also all over the world. When the peoples will be educted they will demand for their jobs. But nothing came into their hands. In this case they will disheart.

They will go to the wrong sides. They become the victims of bad habbits. They start taking drugs and slowly slowly they separate her from other world. Some peoples committing suicide because they feel that there is no palce for them in this world. The beggar are from the poor families because they have nothing to eat, wear and have no house for live.

 These are the results of unemployment and the world will have to take the quick steps Some unemployment also commit suicide when they have nothing to give to their childrens.to finish it and for saving the precious lives.

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