University dropout's first book become required reading at a prestigious NYC university!

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My first book ( is now required reading for the Fashion Institute of Technology's newest course on Digital Literacy. 


When I dropped out of university, everyone told me it was a sign I couldn't finish anything and that I was a failure. I knew that university wasn't right for me, yet hearing so much negativity, I definitely didn't entertain the idea than within 10 years, I'd have received an honorary degree AND I'd have written a book that was required university reading!!

If you have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to answer.

Digital Literacy for Designers - Fashion Institute of Technology
This course examines the concept of digital literacy through the lens of Art and Design. The course framework supports the development of critical and self-reflective skills, necessary components of ethical and socially responsible behavior in online environments. Students will create content in a variety of forms, making use of new digital tools to support knowledge creation in a socially networked world. Students will work collaboratively to improve the civic life of their community, and understand that digital literacy is a core competency in the digital age.

Required Reading:
These are the 4 required textbooks. All other readings will be embedded in related Unit.
Belshaw, D. Digital Literacy.

Kostucki, N., Kariuki, L., & Leates, B. (2011). You are your brand! New York City, NY:
Rheingold, H. (2014). Net Smart: How to Thrive Online. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press
Spencer, Stephan. (2011). Google power search. California, San Francisco: O’Reilly Media. 

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