Valentine’s Day Special: 5 Best Love Lessons From ‘Frozen’

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Valentine’s Day Special: 5 Best Love Lessons From ‘Frozen’


Valentine’s Day SpeciaL, 5 Best Love Lessons From ‘Frozen’
We are two weeks away from the most romantic day of the year! While you all are busy shopping or organising the perfect Valentine’s Day, we only hope that movies are on your agenda. Love stories, fairy tales or even action movies … all of them have some element or form of love.

For instance, take Disney’s “Frozen.” No doubt it made its billions and is still minting through merchandise sales, but the lessons it teaches about love and loving people selflessly are unimaginable.

Love is not limited to your partner. You can love other people strongly too. These can be your family or your friends … those for whom you can try and move the universe, if needed. In this case, it is the sisterly love that follows Elsa to her ice castle and the same love that brings Anna back to life. Then there is Olaf, who doesn’t mind melting for some people who are worth melting for.

At times the answer can be “no”. notes that true love is not simply about saying “yes” to everything. It is also about standing firm and saying “no” when our loved ones are going the wrong direction. Elsa does not cave in to her baby sister’s demand to marry the Prince Hans. According to Seventeen, you need not even say “yes” to any proposal unless you are sure and you know the person well else you’ll be blinded like Anna.

If you love someone truly, madly, deeply, you will accept them no matter what. Anna accepted Elsa along with her powers. She shows how much Elsa means to her that the Queen learns to love herself too.

Be comfortable with yourself and only then will the world accept you. According to, Elsa grows up ashamed of her power and tries hard to hide from the world, never realizing that her “curse” is a blessing she can use rather than fear.

Don’t just give up. This is probably the most important lesson of all. Anna follows big sister Elsa when she gets upset and runs off because she believes in their love for each other. Anna doesn’t give up. In the end, Anna uses her remaining strength to perform an “act of true love” for Elsa.

While you get back to organising your Valentine’s Day, make sure that your love is strong and not superficial to have a truly memorable V-Day.

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