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I read a blog written by CEO of filmannex Francesco Rulli that stuck in my head as is I have the same opinions.  The more I am introduced into the fast pace world of business the more I see the many roadblocks than can be discouraging in the planning and execution of a small business.  Overcoming these roadblocks takes the determination the average person is not willing put into a project which in business draws the line between success and failure.  As for myself being an infantry Marine I have found out that less than two percent of the American population strolls along the frontlines with me.  The success of  my occupation determines whether my Marines live or die so failure cannot be an option.  As with running my own successful business I believe it is less than 7 to 8 percent of the American population run their own successful business.

It feels good to stand out among people who do the things most turn away from, and to succeed at it would be quite the achievement as was returning all my Marines I worked with home alive.  What made the most sense to me with Francesco's blog is the willingness of Filmannex to take the initiative to make things happen first to show the success of it.  Building schools in Afghanistan has been tried before with many failed attempts, but with the respect of Filmannex given to the Afghan culture along with the collaberation with Citadels Roya Mahboob, there will be three internet classrooms that will be connecting 16,000 Afghan students as of June 26. This could be the start of the end of a lack of education in Afghanistan.

The success of these internet classrooms motivates me to drive (G.I.V.E) Global Initiative for Veteran Business Entrepreneurship to the top as well. One question I do have with the mentioning of that is what happened to all the doers? There is way too much thinking going on. I have been turned away by many due to legal matters and "I don't knows" but with every new avenue of approach I do look at things the same way as when I fought the Taliban and on the Judo mat, it's me and you. There is an ongoing discusion that goes on with myself and few of my Marines, where we talk about what happen to the days where you worked your land and the success of it was completely up to you and your family, that in itself was a business, something you could pass down from generation to generation. That is the opportunity that awaits with (G.I.V.E) and the internet classrooms of Afghanistan. Stop all the thinking and get to work!

For any driven veteran there are jobs after military service everywhere, but there are the veterans who are just a little more driven and then there are the veterans who are are going 100 in a 55 constantly. I fully understand what is legal and illegal. In the words of two entrepreneurs that constantly entertain me, Rob and Big...Lets do work! Semper Fi.

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