Video Games Vs Film?

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I start a new year with a new resolution, I started this blog last year but lost track of it, but this year I will make sure I keep up with it more.

I start with a Topic close to my heart, Video Games. I'm a big gamer but I'm also a film Maker and lover and I am concerned about the perceived competition between the two Media. But what I think is that the two industry's shouldn't try to compete, In fact I think they should be considered the same.

Let me explain, in the beginning video games where simple games like Pong, Donkey Kong and Contra relied on simple mechanics and little to no story. They where seen as nothing more than toys, a distraction for kids. The film industry need not be worried Right? but game have been becoming more story driven over the years, more like movies, I recently played a point and click adventure game from 1995 called "I have no mouth and I must scream" which dealt with dark issues such as murder, torture and mental illness, Not a distraction for Kids. This trend has continued more and more in recent years with games like the Metal Gear Solid franchise (1987-Presant) having a deep convoluted story worthy of the best cinema, the recent last of us was as dark and saddening as any film and the independent game The Stanley Parable showed that an interactive story can open up channels that Cinema can only dream of.

So should the Film industry be worried that it is getting competition as the main outlet of story telling, No in fact it should be embracing this new format as a new creative outlet, and no I don't mean video games based on films. I mean as I said in my opening that they should be considered the same, they should both be considered what I like to call narrative fiction. I would love to see a film directed by Hiedo Kojima and I would love to see a game from the Coen brothers. They should not be scared of each other, they should work with each other, Screen writers also write books so why cant Film directors direct Games a good story is always a good story and if the writer thinks user interaction and choice would suit it they should make a game, but if they feel that they need detachment and voyeurism they should make it a film no one should be tied to one industry. Also they shouldn't fear each other, they still have so much which makes them unique, you couldn't make a film of Fez or Paper Please and you couldn't make a Hurt Locker game. 

Maybe Film should stop trying to be video games and try to be more like film.

Thanks for reading. Do you agree or am I completely wrong, its just my opinion after all, Please let me know in the comments.


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