Visiting Kalar Kahar with our College Trip

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Hello friends

I’m here today among you all and would like to tell you a brief traveling experience.

I was a bit busy with my exams and was not able to write blogs on bitlanders so now I will write a blog again on bitlanders.


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Dear friends last day we traveled to a hill station as our exams were finished and our trip was with friends and other students of our college. Now I will tell you my story of visiting Kalar Kahar and Katas.

Before I go ahead first let me tell you about the beautiful city of Kalar kahar.

Kalar Kahar:


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Kalar kahar city is the very beautiful visiting area of my beloved city Chakwal and the whole valley is surrounded by mountains. Beautiful trees and amazing atmosphere extend the beauty of Kalar kahar. Kalar city has a beautiful lake and amazing garden of fruitful trees. A holy shrine of a religious saint is also located here where people pray and stay for some time. Kalar kahar city has also the boating facility which makes it more fantastic to view the beauty by boat.

Where is Kalar Kahar?


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Kalar kahar city is located on the M2 motorway and there is toll plaza from where you can turn towards the Kalar kahar city. Kalar Kahar is very near to the capital city Chakwal and you can reach there within 20 mins drive. Kalar kahar is located near Choa Saidan Shah city and you can reach in 40mints from there.

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Now I will move towards my journey.

Preparing for the trip:


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It was advised by the head of our institute that we must have to be reached in college before 7 o clock with complete preparation. The head also advised us that we should not take luxury mobiles or high-class cameras with us due to security. We reached early in the college and the final trip was prepared for going to the Kalar kahar.

On the way to Kalar kahar:


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We were on a bus among our friends. Our friends were singing songs altogether and the whole way we enjoyed a lot. Our complete journey was completed in only 30 minutes approximately. Finally, we reached in the Kalar kahar.

In the Kalar kahar city:

We reached in the Kalar kahar city at 8 o clock and weather was very beautiful. We stopped at a hotel from where we took tea with biscuits and cake. Tea helped us a lot and we were now fresh for our visit.

At the lake:


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First, we planned to visit lake view and boating. We reached there and took our tickets to the boating facility. A single boat with pedals has two seats and you can manually drive it with the help of your feet. We enjoyed boating a lot and looked the whole lake with our friends. Our head prohibited us not to go far away so we were driving near the shore. After half an hour we stopped the boats and moved out. Now we planned to go to the shrine.

In the shrine:

We reached into the shrine and felt a special peace there. Some people were reciting Holy Quran while some were offering prayer. The whole area of the shrine was a peaceful area and we felt a special pleasure. We also prayed at the grave of the holy saint and left back.

At Takht e Babri:


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Now we reached the Takht e Babri which is located near the gardens. Takht e Babri is located on a high mountain and it was told by our head that this was the place where Mughal empire Babar stayed for some time while he was conquering our area. He was traveling from the Kalar kahar and felt this place peaceful so stayed there for some time.

   In the gardens for lunch:


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Now we reached into the gardens and that was an amazing place. A cool wind was blowing which made us energetic. Now we prepared our lunch. We were having a special friend who knew how to bake rice, he made rice and we ate with gourmet food.


Now we planned to go in the plays. We enjoyed a lot of the plays.

Now we moved towards Katas.

About Katas (Credits to

Katas is a very beautiful area near Choa Saidan Shah City and has amazing buildings which are connected to Hindu religion. Katas city contains many buildings of Hindus which are known as Mandirs. These buildings are opened for everyone. Katas is now under government protection and the whole area is covered by a boundary wall. There is a gate where security guard checks for safety purpose. But there is no ticket for visiting the area.

The Katas Raj Temples (Punjabi, Urdu: کٹاس راج مندر‎, also known as Qila Katas,[2] are several Hindu temples connected to one another by walkways.[2] The temples form a complex surrounding a pond named Katas which is regarded as sacred by Hindus.[3] The complex is located in the Potohar Plateau region of Pakistan's Punjab province. The temples are located near the town of Kallar Kahar and are near the M2 Motorway.

The temples' pond is said in the Puranas to have been created from the teardrops of Shiva after he wandered the Earth inconsolable after the death of his wife Sati.[3][2] The pond occupies an area of two canals and 15 marlas, with a maximum depth of 20 feet.



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Finally, we visited katas and traveled inside the temples. These temples were very amazing and were declaring the ancient time of Hindus. The government has worked a lot here and now made this place more beautiful. The government has provided special security for this place and also rebuilt some temples which were almost broken.

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Now the whole place looks new and seems to be fantastic. Every year Hindus come here for worship and visit their temples. The government provides them special security and gives them foolproof protection.


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After visiting katas temples, the time was nearly 4 pm and our head asked us to go back in our bus. Now we have to come back.

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Dear friends, our trip was really wonderful and we enjoyed a lot. I think my blog is now over and I should now stop it.

I’m sure that my blog would be joyful for all of you.

Thanks all for reading

Qamar ul Haq Qazi

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