Water Quality

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                                          WATER QUALITY

Water is the essential part of the life on earth planet. Without water life is impossible. Any life on earth will survive for few days without water depend upon its use. It is important to drink hygienic water. For the quality of water following parameters should be measured.

  • Microorganism in water
  • Inorganic pollutants
  • Color of water
  • Taste of water
  • Organic pollutants
  • COD & BOD
  • SS & DS


 Organic pollutants involve the presence of microalgae, protozoa and viruses.


Inorganic pollutants

Inorganic pollutants include the salt and metals in water.




 Pure water is color less. It gets colored due to impurities in the water.


Pure water is tasteless and odorless

Organic pollutants

Organic pollutants include the chemical from petroleum refineries, herbicide & pesticide and from other industrial waste.



COD is defined as chemical oxygen demand and it is a measure of inorganic pollutants present in the water in surface water, lakes and rivers. It is expressed in mg/L.

BOD is known as biological oxygen demand and it is measure of microorganism present in the water.


It is stand for the suspended solids and dissolve solids. These cause the turbidity which is haziness in water.

Water is very important part of life. Its pollution creates too much serious disease in human and animals. So their quality should be maintained for drinking purposes. Above are the some quality measurements of water. In next blog will discuss how to measure these all.