Well that was one hell of a one night stand

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Actors: Najarra Townsend (Samantha), Caroline Williams (sam's mom), Alice MacDonald (Alice), Katie Stegeman (Nikki), Matt Mercer (Riley), Charley Koontz (Zain) Simon Barrett (BJ)


A young girl contracts what she thinks is a sexually transmitted disease but turns out to be far more worse than her or anyone she knows can imagine 


I enjoyed this movie its a new spin on the old zombie cleche. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys zombies or anyone who enjoys a good horror movie. Also this movie is lower budget but they do a good job aking it so much better by making a good story line and the actors were phenominal


1) At around 1 hour and 5 mintes when sam visits nikki, her left eye is white, when she sees Alice a few minutes later the left iris is red. When she applies makeupa few minutes later its white again

2) At the beggining, where the corpse is enclosed in the body bag, you can see the actor breathing inside 

3) Samantha keeps referring to her orchids as dendrobiums but she is only ever seen with phalaenopsis orchids 

4) When sam goes to see alice at the diner her right eye is bleeding, but when she goes into the bathroom to look at it, her left eye is bleeding. Then for the remainder of the movie it's her right eye 

5) Her left eye changes from completly white to a light pink throughout the ending of the film 

***************SPOLER ALERT***************

1) After Riley pukes in Alice's bathroom, he pulls aside the bathtub curtain and dicovers alices corpse. Although she is dead her jugular vein is pulsating 

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