What To Do If Your Kid Is Beaten By Other Kid Frequently

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Good afternoon friends,Many time we are stuck up with strange issues in life.
Yesterday My Son came with a complain that he is annoyed by some other child time and time again . At very first I never react with such complains and I never try to complain to the teacher. But I have observed that there is one specific boy who is annoying my son frequently . I have first asked my son to complain about him to teacher. I learnt from him that teacher is not listening this stuff carefully.

I waited for 2 to 3 more incidence to happen.Then I realize there is need to submit official complain in school. I did that still nothing gets change and my son keep on complaining about same guy.Now this is high time.I have asked my son to use his own ways to handle this issue. Until now because of our love and custom he was in just defensive mode. Next day when that boy came to school, without asking him my son slapped him badly and he fall down. He realized the power my kids have.Next time he thought 10 times before trying to beat my son