What's Up with Upshaw? Silly Plaigarism Lawsuit Time Again!

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And now the latest waste of a judge's time:  Deney Terrio, host of the old 70s-80s dance competition Dance Fever, is suing Hasbro over a character in their Littlest Pet Shop toy collection named "Vinnie Terrio", a dancing gecko.  Deney claims that Vinnie's name, look and signature dance moves constitute a "willful and deliberate use" of Deney's image without his consent.  Mr. Terrio the human is seeking damages and a share of the profits in excess of $75,000.

I can just see the judge dismissing this case after opening statements.  For one thing, who remembers Deney Terrio or Dance Fever in the age bracket Littlest Pet Shop is aimed?  No one--they weren't born yet!  And most people who do remember him don't watch cartoons anymore!  So how is a 2D animated cartoon gecko, who doesn't sell car insurance, going to hurt Deney?

Before Dance Fever, Deney Terrio was the choreographer on the iconic 70s movie Saturday Night Fever; he taught John Travolta his dance moves.  Nowadays he tours with a live nostalgia show, The Deney Terrio Dance Party.  So why would he be so riled up by a cartoon lizard version of himself on a kids' show?  I think it's just a ploy for attention.


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