Where To Begin

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I was looking into something that makes my time online a fruitful one. I bumped in here and sign in. It hooked me  when I learned that Bitlanders pay its users by bitcoins. After signing in I realized that I was been blogging here before but it was few years past and I cannot remember my email account as I have a few nor my password and username. 

Then when I was trying to change my avatar from male to female but unfortunately I am hopeless as usual. I cannot figure out how to do it. I just wish that there would someone who could probably guide me how to go about in here. I badly needed help to make my time well spent in this site and honestly want to try if it really worth making cryptocurrency here. 

I guess I have to get myself around here for few days to familiarize things out. I am not a good blogger  but I wish to improve as time goes on. Wish me luck!

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