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287,000 people on Film Annex actively participant in our Buzz Score program. But how does it work? As it turns out, getting paid for your Buzz Score is a simple process - it’s as easy as using Film Annex! Users on the site submit content, share this content to their social media networks, and interact with other users on the site. Posting blogs, uploading videos, publishing your Film Annex content to Facebook or another social media site - each of these actions can help improve your Buzz Score.

Your Buzz Score then determines how much you get paid! When you interact with Film Annex, you’re earning money. Unlike other sites, it’s not simply based on how much traffic you bring in. While traffic accounts for 10% of your Buzz Score, social media leadership and content creation make up the rest.

While there are other social measurement metrics, such as Klout, Francesco Rulli, founder of Film Annex, points out that these sites will never pay for influence. Film Annex’s Buzz Score offers a #PayForContent method that helps people around the world earn money. By building a sustainable method for paying users for their content, Film Annex gives people from countries across the globe an ability to earn an income. In fact, in Francesco’s latest blog post, he explains how womens’ Buzz Scores are higher than mens’ - proving that the Buzz Score system helps women earn an income.

When we launched Women's Annex, we made a calculated business decision to focus on women as we believed they are:

  • More likely to be at home and therefore can be more active on Social Media;
  • More focused on creating communities.

To date, women's Buzz Scores average 21, and are 40% higher than men's Buzz Score, which average 15, on Film Annex:

Next Month, our "Community" at Women's Annex will launch and the women and children of Central Asia and Southern Asia will be able to earn money on Women's Annex.

Want to learn more about the Buzz Score? View our latest video to learn more.

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