Why can’t they quit?

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The man in the picture is Anoosh . Anoosh is from Afghanistan but he is living in the United States. During the year anoosh wants to do two things : first he want to learn English second he want to smoking.

Anoosh has smoking for nine years he smokes a pack of cigarettes every day. Anoosh says: I tried to quit smoking in Afghanistan but it was impossible. My brother smoke my friends smoke. At parties and meetings almost all the men smoke here in the United States not as many people smoke I think that in the United States I can’t stop smoking it will be easier to quit here.

Many smokers are like anoosh they want to quit smoking they know that smoking is bad for their health they know it can caused cancer and heart disease.

But it is difficult for them to stop smoking. It is difficult because cigarettes have a drug in them. The drug is nicotine. People who smoke a lot need nicotine.

  The first few times a person smokes. The smoker usually feels terrible. The nicotine makes person sick in a few days. The smoker’s body gets used to the nicotine and the smoker feels fine later the smoker is addicted to nicotine.

What happen when people quit smoking? What happens when smokers don’t have nicotine? People who quit smoking are often depressed and nervous for weeks some people want to eat weeks so they gain Wight.

Doctors sometimes give special chew gum to people who want quit smoking. The chew gum has a little nicotine in it. When smokers need nicotine they don’t smoke cigarettes the chew the gum instead. Each day the smokers try the chew the gum less often with the gum people can quit smoking and they afresh give up nicotine.

It is very difficult to stop smoking many people who quit smoking will smoke again at a party or maybe at work they will see together to smoke

‘Just” one cigarette they will smoke another cigarette and another. Soon they are smokers again maybe there is one only way to quit smoking: never start

please stay like this man

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