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This is my second post about Pixteller. My first was "Let Your Pix Tell Your Stories". In this post I will share with you the basics of this amazing web-based graphic design app and why I love Pixteller.

In case you have  not read my previous post about PixTeller yet, here's a short video about it.

Video Credit: Alexondru Roznovat via YouTube

 Again to refresh you about what Pixteller is;

PixTeller is an easy-to-use graphic design tool you can use to create or customize any image in seconds.

Design engaging images, social media covers, banners, digital ads, print materials or any other design in seconds.



At the moment, I still have not fully explored all the features of Pixteller. Since I got my life-time Pro-account for free from a raffle of Mostlyblogging.com, I have to explore the app from a free account. Nevertheless, even the free account is more than enough to create stunning web graphics quickly. Not only that you can also create designs for print.

Review and Tutorial

This post is my review of Pixteller and an exploratory tutorial. I will share with the basic components and tools of the site and how to use them. Currently I am using Pixteller via Chrome on an Android Tablet with 10.1" screen. I checked the "Desktop View" so I can use the app on both portrait and landscape orientation. The app will not work on portrait mode if the Desktop View is turned off.

Exploring Pixteller

First go to Pixteller.com website. You will be greeted with their landing page where you can start designing right away. I however, registered a free account by clicking on the button on the upper right corner of the screen.

Creating A Free  Account in PixTeller

 Pixteller landing page

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You have three options in creating your account:

  • Using your Facebook account;
  • Your Google account; or
  • You can create a new user name linked to your email.

I used my Google account.

Creating First Design

After creating my account and logged in, I was brought to the "Create First Design" page directly. After clicking (or tapping) on the "Create" button, the next screen will ask you "What do you want to create?". Also in that screen are the recommended options:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Poster
  • Card
  • A4 Poster
  • A4 Presentation
  • Facebook Cover

Or you can explore the categories beside the recommended tab. These are:

  • Social Media
  • Cover & Header
  • Marketing & Events
  • Banners
  • Prints
  • All (will show you all the options)

Or you can "create from scratch" (scroll down to see the button")

Create First Design and design Options

Image Credit: @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

Select any size or template for now. In this example however, I used an Instagram Square template.

Short Tutorial (5 Steps to Easily Design in Pixteller)

If this is the first time you used Pixteller, a 5-Step tutorial will pop-up. The tutorial describes the design and editorial tools that you can use in Pixteller

Introduction for the tutorial

Image Credit: @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

You can choose to skip the tutorial or go on with it.

Design Properties

Design Properties

Image Credit: @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

In design properties, you can change the background color and the size of the canvass. For the colors, you can use solid, gradient or even transparent color.

For the sizes, you can use any of the preset sizes or you can customize the size.

Elements in Pixteller

Elements in Pixteller

Image Credit: @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

In Pixteller you can use the following elements or objects.

  • Shapes
  • Image
  • Text

Yes, you can create a simple drawing in Pixteller. Which I find amazing.

You can add any of these elements in your design or 'Replace' an existing one. You can choose from the existing 1,500,000 photos and illustrations and 100,000 free shapes.


Each element type have filters. Some of the common filters are:

  • Border
  • Shadow
  • Skew
  • Blur
  • Brightness
  • Hugh/Saturation/Lightness
  • Noise
  • Pixelate
  • RGB

My favorite filter so far is the the Shadow or Drop Shadow in other applications.

Top Menu

Top Menu

Image Credit: @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

The Top Menu contains the most common actions that you can apply on each element:

  • Layers - each element is placed on different layers. You can change the order of the elements.
  • Opacity - you can adjust the Opacity or transparency of each element.
  • Rotation and alignment - the alignment and rotation can be easily adjusted using this menu.
  • Delete - This is used to delete an element from your canvass.
  • Undo/Redo - The common keyboard shortcuts CTRL-Z and CTRL-Y applies also.

Multiple Page Menu

 Multiple Page Menu

Image Credit: @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

With the Multiple Page Menu, you can create presentations, or a multiple-page flyers, or any design that requires multiple pages. Each page is saved as a separate image.

Final Step

Add title and Save

Image Credit: @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

The last and final step of course, is to add title to your design and save. All your designs and are saved on the Pixteller cloud storage. You can then edit the design later or download them in any of the following file formats: PNG, JPG, GIF of PDF.

For free users, all designs are saved as Public files. Premium users have the option to save their design as Private.

Why I love Pixteller.

Pixteller is trully an amazing web-graphics application, and the best alternative for Canva. The site runs relatively smoothly even on a 1 Mbps DSL connection.

Here are some of the features that I love about Pixteller.

Runs on an Android Tablet

The graphic design web application runs even on my Android Tablet. Yes, I can use the app directly on their website without having to download an Android app.

Extensive collection of free images and shapes

Pixteller offers 1.5 Million free photos and illustrations even for the free accounts. Still, if you can't find the perfect picture, or you need to use of your photo or illustration, you can upload your own.

Hundreds of Fonts 

Pixteller have hundreds of fonts to choose from. To make the selecting process a bit easier, you can either search for a specific font name, or you can group the fonts by the following:

  • Serif
  • SanSerif
  • MonoSpace
  • HandWriting
  • Display

If you can't find the font the want to use, you can download the font from the web and upload it on Pixteller.


You can upload your own fonts

Image Credit: @Artbytes Via Bitlanders

Filters and Effects

Perhaps one of the best features of Pixtellers is the Filters and Effects. With this feature, you can adjust the brightness and contrast, the hue, saturation and other aspects of an object. As I have mentioned above, my favorite effect is the Shadow.

These are just some of the reasons why I love Pixteller. There are other features that I am still exploring at this time. While I use my tablet most of the time, there are some features that are much easier to use on a Windows Desktop (and bigger screen).

More Tutorials Coming Soon

I will create simple tutorials on how to create awesime graphic designs using Pixteller in the future. For the meantime, here is a video I created showing how I used Pixteller to make a design for a mug.

Video Credit:  JLCreativeIdeas Via YouTube

I made some changes after I made the video though. Thus the final output is different. Nevertheless, I hope I piqued your interest in using Pixteller.

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