Why Pets Are Adorable and Why Some People Don't Have Any

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Why do we love pets and why are they just so lovable? They are just cute and fluffy and we can't get enough of them. They are just adorable and they ask nothing in return but love (or to be fed forever? Lol).  

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So I wonder, why is it that sometimes we prefer to love pets more than fellow humans? Is it because they are simple minded? Is it because they won't hurt your feelings? Let's find out!

But first watch a video on the benefits of having pets below. 

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♥      Why Pets Are Adorable     ♥

1. You don't need to promise them anything except food.

unconditional_love(Photo credit via Pixabay)


With pets, you don't need to promise them that you will do this or that. You don't need to commit to anything and they will just come around and have no bad feelings whatsoever. You even get more emotional support from a pet. Other than making sure they are well fed (or well groomed too if needed) there's nothing else you need to do! 

Unless you treat them really bad of course they will not come around too much but some still won't care about the bad treatment I think. They will keep coming near people but will start avoiding getting too close maybe. 

Oh I see, that's a good metaphor. A person who is aloof from other people is a person who has been hurt a lot. I didn't realize that until I wrote that statement. Ok totally off topic so let's get to the next one. 



2. You get unconditional love even if you don't ask for it.

If you have a cat, you know how they have some kind of sixth sense right? They really know when you're sad or if you miss them or something. I don't know what's with cats but they just do. Cats are amazing.  

pet_lovers(Photo credit via Pixabay)


As for dogs, they are very loyal animals. They can be stubborn too but you just gotta train them well. Generally, dogs aren't as smart as cats but they can protect you a whole lot better from intruders.

Bunnies are just as cuddly and they can make you happy too. Pets will adore you and love you all the time.


3.  You won't feel lonely whenever your pets are around.

animal_love(Photo credit via Pixabay)


So let's say you're single and currently home alone, well guess what a cat or dog is for then? Pet companionship is here to the rescue! No more lonely days or nights when you have a pet.

You can play with it or dress it up and bring it anywhere pets are allowed. Heck it can even be a conversation starter with some random cute stranger! There's just something about pets that make us want to hug and/or kiss them like babies. Haha. So expect a random stranger to come up to your pet or you sometimes if you're out and about with it. all_about_pets

(Photo credit via Pixabay)


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♥     Why Some People Don't Have Pets     ♥

1. They don't want the responsibility of taking care of pets.

Some people just don't want the hassle of caring for anything other than themselves. Or maybe they are just too busy to keep pets alive.

no_pets_allowed(Photo credit via Pixabay)


Others may not like cleaning up the poo or the mess the dog chewed up or the clawed up stuff the cat did somewhere. They may not like having to keep the house clean of all the pet hair. 

Sometimes having no pets is easier because you don't have to be concerned for another creature and be free from worrying about it's well being.


2. They can't take care of pets because of work or travel.

How can a traveler bring pets to all the places they go to? It can be a hassle especially if it is not allowed to where one is going or no one can take care of it while they are away and they don't want to leave it with anyone else.

(Photo credit via Pixabay)


To ease their minds, frequent travelers may just opt to go petless until they are able to stay longer in one place. I mean, if you have a big fish pet arowana, I don't think you should bring it while mountain hiking right?

Also if everyone in the family is out of the house most of the time and they  don't have other housemates then who will take care of the pets? Better to not have any pets at all that may starve to death if left home alone.


3. They are allergic to pet hair etc.

Some people are allergic to pollen and/or pet hair so they would rather not have any pets around than die from allergies. If it's a health concern then of course they will never have pets around them. They will do everything to avoid getting too close to one or maybe they will  have to wear face masks if they will get close to any cat or dog. pet_companionship

(Photo credit via Pixabay)


4. They just don't like pets

Maybe they're a clean-freak or think low of animals because they consider them as pests. Or perhaps some people have dog or cat phobias and/or they just prefer these animals in the wild so they don't get disturbed by the animal noises. Whatever the reason, some people will just not like having any pets in their lifetime.

i_like_animals_more_than_humans(Photo credit via Pixabay)


5. Other family members or house mates have pets so they don't need to get their own anymore.

So literally in case someone doesn't own any pet perhaps a member of the family, or people in an apartment complex for example, has a pet then the person does not need his/her own personal pet anymore. Why will they have to get their own pet if there's the family/neighborhood pet loitering around the house/compound right? They can just chill out and pet other people's pets whenever they can and get almost the same benefits of having their own pet. people_with_no_pets

(Photo credit via Pixabay)


So there you have it. What do you think of my lists? Have any to add? Feel free to share in the comments.

 Oh before I go, watch an Indian video about a pet hater grandma. haha. Good thing there's English subtitles.

(Video credit: Dilkush Dheeraja via YouTube)





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