Why should Businesses use Social media?

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Social media has taken the world by storm. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn among others have hundreds of millions of subscribers across the world. They have been instrumental in starting revolutions and in sharing real-time news and information. Whether you are a small or large business, you cannot ignore this very lucrative platform for promotion of your products and services. Your customers are already on it and talking about you, and if you are not a part of the buzz, you will lose out.

Let us see some reasons why businesses use Social media:

Build brand reputation: Through your business pages and social media accounts, you get an opportunity to share information, exciting developments, and promotional events about your brands. You can share achievements as well. This is a direct interactive medium for your company and its brands.

Directly interact with your customers: Social media enables you to reach out to your customers directly. People can message you, learn about your products, share concerns, suggestions, and even help you discover latent needs etc. with you through your business pages and accounts.

Explore new and far-flung markets: At the click of a button, you reach out to people globally. By engaging them, you can generate new leads as well as create awareness for your company and its products at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Even if you are a local business, it never hurts to generate awareness about yourself globally. You never know what collaborations might come your way via this route.

Reputation Management: Social media especially blogs and interactive forums are buzzing with activity. If you actively participate and engage with your customers, the chances are that any deficiencies in products and services will come directly to your attention. This will help you to address any uncomfortable situations that might affect your business reputation in the long run.

Attract global talent: Through social media sites, you can engage customers and potential talent. Online work is very common these days and helps you explore quality economical alternatives.

To summarize, social media is a great platform to mobilize people, generate awareness, and initiate action. Film Annex beautifully uses social media like blog posts, twitter, youtube etc. to provide a great platform to documentary and film makers and bloggers worldwide. It is able to spread awareness about its multiple social efforts by effective use of social media in collaboration with some of the best marketing and social media brains, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and businessmen. Social media has helped them talk about on-the-ground progress and share stories from developing countries like Afghanistan where Film Annex is actively helping in creating educational infrastructure and working towards women’s education.

Social media is only going to get bigger in the days to come, and it makes a lot of financial sense for businesses to get on to the bandwagon.

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