Womens Improvement in technology and sustianalble Economic

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We need to have some new programs and methods to increase the scientific level of our country and save it from lace of education. Our country needs to development after years of war to come up in the world between the countries. But the question is how to reach to this level of development?

The people who developed tried to share their ideas and ways to others that they also could get to the development. They express their ideas, ways and opinions and provided some solutions. One of the best ways to get to the development is sharing in the social media.

There are some girls schools in Herat city that are covered by Citadel company and filmannex platform. Now the students could express their ideas freely, share them in social media, learn some computer programs and get revenues.

In Majuba Hiravi the same as nine other schools that are covered by Citadel Company the students are learning filmannex. It is the early days of the class, so the students are studying windows and ways of blog writing. Every day all the students should write a blog at the end of the class according to the determined subjected.

The students with the best blogs got appreciation and the teacher of the class got the students ideas about the filmannex platform. They are very interested to the platform, and it is getting more and more. The students survey is happening every Thursday. 

If you have missed any of my previous articles, you can find them on my personal page: http://www.filmannex.com/MahjubaHerawiSchool

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