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The example of Chinese women is before us. In the last Sino-Japanese War the Chinese raised a battalion of women, but soon it proved to be a fiasco. The Islamic view is the best via-media. Islam recognizes the importance of both the sexes and gives them rights in almost all fields of life. A woman is a important and respectable a member of Muslims Society as in a man.

But Islam believes that their duties differ from one another. A woman has a more important and holy duty than that of man. The Holy Prophet sail: “Verily, the paradise lies under the feet of the mother.” A Muslim girl is reposed to be as well-read and aware of the political situation of her country as a Muslim young man. She may also take part in the political activities of her country in her own way.

 She can organize and direct even the departments of her country’s government in times of emergency. When required, she may work hospital, schools, and colleges. Recently, Islamic revolution of Iran has made the world aware of the fact that woman even observing ‘purda’, can take part in every walk of life. Women can work in different sector without any fair but they look at a chance.

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