Working on New Music Video For Nasim Hashimi "NakoNako"

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Working on New Music Video For Nasim Hashimi  performed "NakoNako" we had a hard working days this week for making this music video. generally most of the problem is finding the specific location for filming and shooting in Kabul. we did the shooting but another difficult part was controlling the light of sun that hits directly to the face of our actors and artist. So with using some reflector and various filtering on the lens of camera we just shot the video. another part of our shooting was messing with Crane, brought two kind of camera Crane for our heavy tank like camera "REDone" but just one of them worked on the set. now working on post productions.
The camera was used REDONE MX with Nikon 50mm f1.4 and sigma 18-50mm @ 4K

Here is some sneak peak!

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