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Oooh yeah, it's back! 

In today's Wrestling Madness, two familiar faces will square off for my completely made up Championship Belt! The World Hobbyist (Honor) Championship! And who are these familiar faces you ask? Why it's none other than Mister Bode from my anime series EMINA taking on Ninja Steve! Will Mister Bode claim the championship title or will Ninja Steve successfully defend what is his?

Find out today!


So what do you guys think of these realistic portrayals of these cartoon characters? It's pretty interesting see them go from a stylized 2-Dimensional look to a 3-Dimensional look isn't it? 

All right, here's the next match. It is a triple threat match between Ninja Steve's sidekick Spartan Sam, Darius from EMINA, and a character called Ye Old Blacksmith, who is a creation of my good friend and fellow animator Shishiden Studio/Wonder Project. In this Extreme Rules match, anything goes and there no disqualifications. Who will come out on top of this madness? 


Also keep in mind guys that the contest from Gaming Tribe to win 1 of 4 Gaming PC's is still going on. Here's a link to my personal link that you can use to enter the giveaway! 


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