Writing and Video Blogging for Credibility and Accountability

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In today’s world, writing and video blogging is a necessary step towards establishing a conversation and leadership. Long conversations and meetings, speeches and presentations make some of the components of running a company and developing a business. But the new and most important test today is online, where millions of readers and viewers can learn and comment, interact and collaborate, agree or disagree.

For example Goldstein and Brown,1985 Nobel Prize winners in Physiology of Medicine, didn't hesitate to get on camera.Why would you hesitate? What do you have to lose?

Here's what I think when I meet new people:

1)    Do they write or video blog online?

2)    On what subject?

3)    How can I quantify their following and buzz?

4)    What is their inbound marketing power? Do people contact them or vice versa?

Most people believe that they have something special, but how many take the time to put this in writing and video, suffer or benefit of the consequences? One day someone told me “What if one day I don’t want to be associated to what I wrote or said?” I looked at him and said “Why are we even having a conversation?

When I started doing work concerning Afghanistan's education system, I had to learn to balance my point of view with the perspectives and the cultural beliefs in Afghanistan. This became a very enriching experience, as I realized how delicate the subject can be and how important the consequences are.

Writing and video blogging are fun and functional, last forever and reach every corner of the world if done well, establish thought leadership, and financial gratification. It can be done 24 hours a day and on any imaginable subject. It's almost as good as Italian gelato.


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