Writing is my "Passion" but where is true "Appreciation" ?

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Doing something really in an honest way leads you to the success of peaks. We saw everyday news about the innovations of scientists, engineers and others .

One think which is irritating me i that if you write something with a hard work and if it is not appreciated according to your expectations than it really hurts, & I am one of the hurt one because I wrote many blogs and I worked hard to make it possible on Annex press but I never found my blog on Annex press. Well ! that is really sad thing which is continuously giving me the same message that either I am wrong or nobody want to appreciate my work.

Writing short blogs don't show the lack of information but shows the integrity of the conversation all in a short way So that people can understand and give their feedback.



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I am working in Bitlanders as a Translator and writter. Profession: Electronic Engineer Big projects: Control system designing , Fpga controls auto Traffic light etc Member at: IEEE Future Plan: To work on drones for benefit of mankind. Aim: To finish the energy crises by giving my best to make…

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