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Hello again!!

As you know, along all this months we were working on our new short-film "Manzanas Amarillas". We were making several things in order to finish everything in order to finish this movie in the best way we can and always behind us was the local press of the region covering all the process from the pre-production to the avant premier.

Two days ago they wrote a half page about the avant premiere, about our production company and also about my feelings in this process. 

As a local filmmaker is really important to have this relation with the local press of my region, because one of my mayor objectives is that the people of my city and region know that local filmmakers are doing things there.

As an advice, I can say that sometimes could be better to keep in touch with the local press and media of your own towns, cities or villages, because big mass media always is looking for "safe" news and they don´t take so many risks.

That for now!! And thanks again for reading!


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