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The last week, on June 26th was the avant premiere of our new short film "Yellow Apples" in the main theater of my city, Puerto Montt.

This first public screening was really special for me, because it was the first time that I made a premier on my born town. The feeling for the people that went to share that moment with our crew was incredible, I felt a really good energy and a unique feeling that encourages me a lot to keep fighting for make first line projects on my region.

In the event were present the main companies that sponsored us and I must give a strong "thanks" to Marine Harvest, because they support us in every step in the production and also in the reception and cocktail that we made after the screening.

Also there were the representatives persons of the local press and the National Council of the Culture and Arts, even the previous Director of that organization Alejandro Bernales ( a person with a strong connection with the local artistic work).

And finally and the most important, there were present almost all the persons that worked with us, acting, driving, borrowing us things, giving us services and a lot of other persons that were really interested about seeing a cinematographic piece made in their city.

When I talk about my city, is not in a chauvinist way, is in the sense of knowing were are my roots and understand why I am the way I am. It´s really incredible how being far away of our born places we started to take care more about them, that is what happened to me when I started to develop my new projects in southern Chile.

Well, just that for now and soon I will give you more information about this movie!!!

photos by "33 Segundos"

The main actress Solange Lackington giving some words

Catalina Poblete the co-protagonist - me - Solange Lackington

The local crew!! Nicolas Klein - Alejandro Marín - Lissette San Martin - Carolina Fuentealba - me - Yeniffer Fasciani - Salange Lackington

The secondary actress Karen Ruiz - me - Solange Lackington

Me - Nicolas Klein (local producer) - Alejandro Marín (art producer)

Upss! a stolen frame from the screen!

Local press sharing the moment of the premier on the "social life" page. Courtesy of Rodrigo Aner and El Llanquihue


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