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Your Buzz is a very personal matter, an intimate consideration of where you are and how far you can go. In our mind, we think people love us or follow our lead, listen to our words, and consider our opinions, but in reality, 99% of people don't care and don't listen.

Your Buzz has three questions for you:

  1. Are you or your company a "Thought Leader"? Most people say yes. CEOs are sure of their leadership, but the reality can be a different story.

  2. In what subject or what topic? Those who do well in board meetings might not perform well on specific topics and intimate relationships. My leadership at Film Annex is NOT based on my technical knowledge or my experience in film. People like Eren, Semyon, Alexey, and Tommy bring more to the table than I do.

  3. How do you quantify your leadership? This is where one person can help you. It's Mike Sweeney and his team at Your Buzz; he is the objective authority on how to measure your leadership = Your Buzz. The proprietary technology combined with his experience create an objective measure and hence the definition of a new strategy.

CEOs want to lead their companies to success. To do so, they must listen and find out what their strengths are but above all understand where their weaknesses lie. Finally, they should decide if they should fight to improve those weaknesses or develop new strategies.

  • My background manifests itself in my everyday life. I am an Italian from Florence, have a strong and direct personality, am sarcastic and a fast talker.

  • Due to my 28-year Judo education and 4th degree black belt, I measure life a few minutes at a time. Within 5-7 minutes, you will walk out of the match or the meeting as a winner or a loser. There are no ties or draws in Judo and in life.

  • Due to the fact my father trusted my judgement since I was a teenager and allowed me to travel and pursue my dreams since a very young age, I can take challenges that are unique and at times contrarian; Afghanistan is one.

Mike Sweeney supports positioning me as a Thought Leader in Afghanistan's education and the vision behind the Business Incubator and Tech Grid that combines 40 schools, 160,000 children, and the development of Social Media, as well as an educational and gaming software developed in Afghanistan and distributed by Film Annex. Roya Mahboob is my mentor and guide, and an authority in the Afghan culture and future. Ambassador Sacirbey is my political adviser and a strong supporter in "No Politics, Just Internet".

Your Buzz even led me to change my voicemail to a very unexpected message. Some of you might find out one day.

Francesco Rulli

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