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With Halloween quickly approaching (but as far as K Mart is concerned it's already Christmas) there could not be a better time for this announcement.

Apparently the the 2009 Zombie Comedy "Zombieland" is getting a sequel. The film starred Jessie Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Woody Harrelson, featuring a legendary cameo from god himself, Bill Murray. Let me just say that I am a fan of the original film. I thought it was something very fresh riffing of of the zombie genre... then I saw "Shaun Of The Dead" and realized that Edgar Wright's film did it first and was superior in every way.

Anyway, I still think "Zombieland" is a funny and was written very well. The same writers have written?the script for the upcoming DEADPOOL film and based on "Zombieland" it's a perfect fit. 

As far as sequels go, my philosophy is that a sequel should only be made if there is a story to tell, not just because of commercial success. Does "Zombieland" have another story to tell? I don't know; I'm not the writer. However, I think that the original film is perfect as a stand alone film and a sequel is unnecessary. But whatever, god knows thousands of people will end up going to see it, myself included. 

CinemaBlend.com had this to say:

...Dave Callaham has now been hired to script the follow-up, and he will be advised and supervised by Ruben Fleischer - the first Zombieland's director, who is hoping to return to that seat. Callaham has had a topsy-turvy couple of years. His script for Barrow turned into The Expendables, but only after he suedSylvester Stallone for credit, and while he wrote the first draft for the Godzilla reboot, it eventually was extensively re-written by Max Borenstein. Zombieland 2 will hopefully give him a chance to truly inject his personality and talent into a script without it being extensively re-written. Sony decided to hire Callaham for the undead-follow-up thanks to his work on Jackpot, which is a darkly comic-tale that is based on a story by Swedish crime-writer, Jo Nesbo. He was also brought on do a re-write on Marvel’s Ant-Man after Edgar Wright’s shocking departure earlier this summer. 

Are you excited for the sequel? Did you see the first movie? Let me know in the comments. 

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