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   Education of Afghanistan didn’t progress almost during of three decades of this period. And the people of Afghanistan were in a bad condition and they couldn’t continue their Education .because of civil war and most of the people became emigrant to the foreign countries. therefore we have to say that we didn’t have a good or annexed Education in past years of this period. And now during the Hamed Karziy's government there are a lot of problems about Education, because when we are going to other provinces, districts, and villages we see that there aren't any school, qualified  teachers and other facilities for students.

I want to say one of my remembrances that it’s depend to Education in Afghanistan. Once upon a time  I went to one of district’s of Nimroze province by the name of Kang district, I had personal work over there.It was about 3:00 pm and the weather was so warm and hot. that I saw the students are learning in the school, in fact I didn’t think that it was a school ,because there were just four old rooms and three tents, which students were leaning over there.Then I taught to ask them about their Education. I went to the school and I found the principal of that school. And I asked him how many students are leaning here? “ we have 1400 students up to eight grade.” He said. then I went in a class which was the seventh grade, actually the students in this class seemed more older for seventh grade, but I could understand the reason, because in during of Taliban regime there was not any school for them. I asked some questions from the students .I asked them ,what do you want to become in future?, But they couldn’t response me, they didn’t able to say what we want to be in future. On that time really I became sad and disappointed, because one young boy can’t decide about his future, but I am not blame them, because the circumstances of Afghanistan was not stable and save for them to continue their education regularly.

 So we have to think. we have to try a lot to improve our Education and knowledge. As you know Education is the foundation of a country, nation and community. and every thing originates from this holly word, like power, development , unity and etc. And also Education is the phenomenon which saves us from darkness and shows us the bright way of life, and Education is the only way which we can differentiate the right and wrong way from each other. That’s why we should try and improve the Education in Afghanistan because every one who doesn’t follow the way of Education he/she looks like a blind and every where and every thing looks dark for him or her and there is only one way to step in a bright way and that consists Education to follow it’s way and save themselves from this darkness and step in a bright way and a brilliant future.

Then let’s join our hands together and follow the way of Education and make a brilliant future . As Mohammad peace be upon him says, seek Education from cradle up to grave.


Writer:  Haroon Mehrzad


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Haroon was born in 1987 in Nimroz province Afghanistan, graduated from Farokhi high school in 2005. He has joined for three years Faculty of science in heart University in 2006 after three years he has received scholarship for studying abroad in Cairo university Egypt. Right now he is in third…

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