One week in NYC and its remarkable events

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I arrived in NYC right at the time when the Sandy storm was over. On the way to home I could see lots of trees felt down on the ground and the wires which were cut off by the strong winds and a long line of cars waiting for gasoline stations.

I had the chance to be here also during the presidency election which was a remarkable event. Going to the voting center was a big chance for me to see how the voting procedure is different from Afghanistan.


I was at  ad:tech the business  show where was in New York this week and looking at many mobile, digital and Internet agencies which gather to exchange the new technologies and ideas to improve on-line advertising and digital media which it was very impressive.

Internet and social media are two strong keys which can lead you as a thought leader. In fact the proper usage of these tools make you a thought leader to lead the industry on what you think and what you want.

Meeting Efren Antonio Ramirez de la Cruz, an American actor who played at Pedro Sánchez in the 2004 indie film Napoleon Dynamite was unbelievable. We also had interesting interview with Altitude Digital team about Afghanistan, south and central Asia economy.

In one week I saw many people and went to different events which let me to think more about my country and it showed  me the image of how beside having the cultural and traditional customs, you can adapt to an environment which is totally different from where you live but it can give you more hints about what would be the best way to help a community to grow is just Internet + Education which help Afghan youth to lead their own country in a way that  it should be.

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