A Night With Buddha Festival in Bamiyan

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Once a friend of mine and I went to visit our professor who teaches us anthropology at the university and we had a nice chatting together. We came to this discussion that; why there is no activity and program on 11th of March, the day the oldest culture and art of Afghanistan were exploded and destroyed? Why the community is doing exactly the same thing Taliban wanted; ignoring and forgetting their history, culture and civilization. 

It is while we have only 12 days to 11th of March. It is 26th of February and we promised to our professor that the two of us is going to start the program this year. Although we don’t have the time for organizing such a big event but we believe in our ability and power.

So we start contacting to different people from different governmental and non – governmental organizations, NGOS, Institutes, and Foundations to join to this movement. The most important part of this program and movement for me was that the group working voluntary and we did not get any financial support from anywhere. 

 We invited individuals from Kabul and Bamiyan, who were involving in arts and culture to organize “A Night with Buddha” Festival on 11th March. In a country where everything related to donors, projects and money it is hard to find people who have a heart beats for art. But we manage to bring a group of young girls and boys, who were committed to art, to their culture and to their work. We worked 5 days in Kabul for gather and make the group; talk to the places where we imagine might have cooperation with us. In most of the meetings there were two young girls (Maryam and I) and I think this was one of the reasons that the men we had the meeting with did not believe on us. But it was Maryam and I; which believed to our ability, talents and managements. We believed that it is not sex, make persons success on their ways but it is the goals and commitments, managements and strong and powerful leadership guide them to their goal.

So the organizers group of “A Night with Buddha” left Kabul to Bamiyan by road on 6th March 2013.

We believe in women’s empowerment, in art and culture’s authority and in youth’s and new generations’ strength and influence.

I will be back with writing more about the program in Bamiyan.

Here you can find information regards this program.









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