A Southern Pride for a Northern Belle

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Note to readers: My readers, this is a twisted story that I was trying to center on something, but, this is a really insane story. It have to do with a dream I have with the male lead character. I shape it into something different.

    Olde Wrestling. The place where the good old boys fight, the woman show off, and the best of the strongest ever. Our story begins as yours truly enters the show. I am join by my lady friend, Anne. "Lindsie, what are we doing?" ask Anne. "Well, I want to see that sweet fellow of the Moonshin' Men of Appalachia" I said. "Jock Sampson?" ask Anne as she laughs. "How dare you! I am talking about the Kentucky Gentleman from Murray, Kentucky, Chuck Taylor" I said. "So, what? You are not the only one who is seeing Chuck" said Anne. "Darn tooting Anne! Don't ruined my fun!" I said. "Oh cut the crap! We are in the present and I am sure enough, I am so going to tell Tim Donst that you are cheating on him!" said Anne. "He really cheated with some whore" I said. I was waiting for the show to being. I got a message delivered to me from Chuck Taylor...okay, it was a text message from him. He told me after the show he's going clean shave. I got mad at him and said to him don't do it or I will dump him for his friend Chris Hero. He was just kidding around. The show began. I seen some crazy matches. There was Robert Evans battling against a mask Louis Lyndon in a hunter vs. prey like match. "Oh I see these two go at it" said Anne. "This is a rematch, since Robert Evans really cheated" I said. There were other matches and wrestlers soon to follow. "Lindsie" said Anne. "Yes, Anne" I said. "Who are the Jollyville Jeepers? Their name sounds familiar, but, all I see their names Clean and Jerk" said Anne. "It's the Jollyville Fuck-Its, Russ Myers and T-Money. Here they have to use a different name, because it's Olde Wrestling. In fact there was no cursing at that time, so whatever they had to use was way better then what we used now" I said.

"Oh, I see" said Anne. "Yeah, they look different in Olde Wrestling then they are at AIW. At least they don't need to worry about killing Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer" I said. "So, I got to know Lindsie, why are you dress up like from another time?" ask Anne. "Well, since you are doing the same, because as fans we should be like them" I said. "Chuck told you to dress up for him?" ask Anne. "Yes, but, I have a black sleeveless dress underneath. As soon as he wrestles, we are leaving" I said. "Cleaver" said Anne. "Thanks Anne" I said. Suddenly we see some trouble. "Lindsie, who is that weirdo?" ask Anne. "Oh man! It's Rickey Shane Page!" I said. "What is he dress up like that?" ask Anne. "He's suppose to be Judge Hugo Lexington Black, but I forgot about the haircut he did" I said. We both watch as Rickey Shane Page comes out and then he sees me. "Uh oh!" I said. Suddenly, I see Chuck Taylor and Jock Sampson. The guys came out and went after Page. "Hold up! You yellow belly! What are you doing, going after my lady?" ask Chuck. "Well, I am going to kidnap her and force you to wrestle my latest man!" said Rickey. "You what?" I ask. "No one goes after my lady like that! Who's your latest man, Hugo?" ask Chuck. Fans screamed. Anne, Jock, Chuck, and I looked and we were all in shock. "What the heck?" ask Anne. "You have got to be kidding me!" I said. "That is not what I suspected to be!" said Jock. "Oh man!" said Chuck. Rickey Shane Page had to call someone alright. Someone, I have never suspected to be. "Ladies and Gents! From the town in the wild! I present to you, Timothy..." said Rickey Shane Page. "What the bloody hell is Tim Donst doing here?" I ask. "Chuck, you better explain!" said Anne. "I have no ideal" said Chuck. "Rickey, what the heck is he doing here?" ask Jock. "Tim wants Lindsie back, so I had to get him on the show" said Rickey. "Well, I never!" I said as I slap Rickey on the face. I walk away and Chuck follow me.

"Are you okay?" ask Chuck. "No, I am not happy to see him" I said. "Tell me what's wrong?" ask Chuck. "Can we go outside? I am starting to feel warm" I said. "Sure. Also, Anne told me that you are wearing something underneath" said Chuck. "I was going to show you later, but, if you insist" I said. I ended up strip in front of Chuck to reveal my black dress. Chuck was in shock. He like that and he came up to me and kissed me. We both walk outside and talk. I told him what was going on. He grab my hands and then he kiss them. I looked at him. "I will never let him come after you" said Chuck. "Okay" I said. We both kissed. "Now, I got an idea" said Chuck. Chuck took me to Heidi Lovelace who help me look more better. Heidi made me as a flapper girl from the 1920s. "Is this okay?" I ask. "Sure!" said Heidi. "Okay" I said. Chuck smiled and he took me by the arm and we walk out together. Suddenly, Chuck and I surprised the fans. Anne was in shock as well as Jock Sampson. He was whooping Tim Donst, but, Rickey Shane Page help Tim hold Jock down. Chuck kiss me and I kiss him back and then he went in the ring and attack them. The match turns into a tag team. I watch and go to Anne. "Lindsie, what happened?" ask Anne.  I explain to her what happened. We watch the match and it got ugly. Tim and Ricky cheating most of the match, but, Chuck knows there is the ultimate weapon, me. I came to the guys and Jock knock down Rickey and Chuck distracted the referee. I climb in the ring to get Tim's attention. He sees me and came up to me. "Lindsie!" said Tim. Soon enough I distracted him and the referee sees me, Chuck sneak up behind Tim and I wave goodbye as I jump and Jock catch me. Chuck goes for the pinfall. The match ends.

Chuck came to me and we both kissed. "I knew the plan works" I said. "Me too" said Chuck. We went to the back and Anne caught up with us. "What was that?" ask Anne. "A win" I said. "Wow, I never seen you pulled that off" said Anne. "Well, I told Lindsie the ideal" said Chuck. "You what?" ask Anne. "He told me the plan. After I told him what happen, he came up with the plan" I said. "Oh!" said Anne. "Yeah" I said. "But, why?" ask Anne. "I don't like when someone cheats a beautiful woman like Lindsie" said Chuck. "Aw, Chuck Taylor, you are so sweet" I said. "It was nothing my darling" said Chuck. "But, Chuck, I thought you were in to way older women?" ask Anne. "I was, when I tried to court Lindsie's mother. Although, I did not know she was still married" said Chuck. "Yeah, my mother is afraid to divorce my father, because I am going to retaliate. Same thing with my father" I said. "Wait, they are afraid?" ask Anne. "Yeah, I will tell you later" I said. "Okay" said Anne. "Yeah" I said. "But, please Chuck, what happened?" ask Anne. "Well, Lindsie's mother told me about Lindsie. I didn't get what she means by, until I saw Lindsie" said Chuck. "Yeah, I was really upset after I caught Tim with another woman. I told him we were through, but, he beg me to take me back" I said. "But, when I saw her, I was just really lost" said Chuck. "When I saw him trying to go after my mother, I got mad. I was thought he was kidding with the videos, but, when he saw me and I saw him, I was like really happy" I said. "So, you two hit it off since?" ask Anne. "Yeah" I said. "Yeah, we did" said Chuck. "You two are weird" said Anne, "I'm weird?" I ask. "Yeah, you two are, because at least you are going from being with someone who are what you don't need to what you both need" said Anne. "Oh Anne!" I said. "Well, you know me, I like weird!" said Anne.

"So, what's going after this?" I ask Chuck. "Well, we are suppose to get a group photo" said Chuck. "That's cool, I let you and Jock Sampson to go ahead" I said. "Oh, no, not with out you!" said Chuck. "What?" I ask. "Yeah, you are coming" said Chuck. "Okay" I said. We saw Zia Hiltey, the photographer who done most of the photos for Chikara, take photos. She wanted to do individual photos first. So, she took Chuck first. Chuck Taylor was looking so handsome, I was so blushing. I was next and I was surprised. During the photo shoot, I was by myself, but, soon, Chuck join in with me. It was so romantic, Zia was so happy, yet, she was surprise to see this would happen. "This is fun!" I said. "Yeah, I so agree" said Chuck.  We both laugh. After that there was a group photo. I was going to leave, but, I forgot Chuck. I was looking for him, when I saw Tim Donst talking to Chuck Taylor. "Dude! I told you I am coming for Lindsie!" said Tim. "Yeah, and I know. But, my mind change. I love her. You never loved Lindsie to begin with!" said Chuck. "I did so!" said Tim. "In fact, she was in love with Chris to begin with! But, since then, the two of you went to screw some dumb women, Lindsie's heart is broken! I am the only one who love her more then any woman I tried to court! You sure are nothing more then a yellow belly!" said Chuck angrily. "What?" ask Tim. "YOU ARE A COWARD!" said Chuck. "I am a coward? No way! I want my girlfriend back!" said Tim. Tim shoved Chuck. Chuck pushed back. Tim go after Chuck. Chuck tries to fight back, but, Jock Sampson and Rickey Shane Page step in. I was watching the situation. Chuck saw me and he came up to me. "Lindsie, I did not know he would do this" said Chuck. "I saw what happened. I forgive you, but, him, I don't" I said. Chuck understand and he and I leave. We headed to the hotel that we are staying at that I paid for. Anne, who text me, said that she was going home. I told her that I will text message her back later. We got to our room.

"I did not know that he would be there and trying to want me back" I said. "I know. I don't blame you. I just don't get is why he want you to begin with?" ask Chuck. "It was that time when Chris was still employed by that dreadful wrestling company who has Claudio still there, I was getting annoyed a little bit by wrestlers who had follow me and unfollow me, because I did not make contact with them, until that day in August, Tim started to follow me. I was hoping he was not like the others, but, soon enough, he was different" I said. "Different?" ask Chuck. "Yeah, it was that his profile explains what he did. So, because of that, I end up following him" I said. "So, what happened?" ask Chuck. "Well, I been seeing what he has been doing, but, I never seen him live until months ago" I said. "That's when you two were dating?" ask Chuck. "Yeah, but, he never kiss me. I made the move to kiss him, he dodge it!" I said. "Wow" said Chuck. "But, I am so mad about it!" I said. "Well, I won't let anyone do that to you" said Chuck. I knew that he was right. I seen Chuck got change from his clothing that he wrestle in to the one that he wore for the Chikara movie premiere. I just freshening up, "So, where are we going for dinner?" ask Chuck. "I have no ideal. There is a restaurant a few blocks from the hotel" I said. "Okay" said Chuck. "But, I seen another restaurant that can seat us privately. I called ahead" I said. "That I do like" said Chuck. "I know" I said. We walk to the restaurant and they seat us already. I spoke to the server that to give us the finest imports. He knows what I mean by. As we look over the menu, I notice there were a few crazy people. Especially one woman who was older then me, tried to go after Chuck Taylor. However, she was married and her husband pulled her away. I was in shock. We order food and then we talk. "So, what are you doing when you are going home?" ask Chuck. "I am going to call Anne. She wants to question about the show" I said. "Oh. Any reason why?" ask Chuck. "I don't know what is the reason" I said.

Our dinner arrived and we started to enjoy our food. As we eat, there was more trouble stirring. I look. "Oh you have got to be kidding me!" I said. "What?" ask Chuck. I pointed. "What the heck?" ask Chuck. "Trent Baretta" I said. It was Chuck's best friend and nemesis to Chris Hero, Trent Baretta. "Hello you two!" said Trent. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "I am here to see my buddy Chuck. Dude, I thought you would be at a bar! Not with this sweet woman who Tim Donst is looking for!" said Trent. "What the heck?" I ask. "Trent! I will talk to you later! Don't make me embarrass you in public!" said Chuck. "So, the womanizer Chuck Taylor is going to embarrassed me! Bring it!" said Trent. Chuck got up and he stare at Trent. Trent took the first swing. He miss Chuck. Chuck took a swing and send Trent to the next room. Trent was so out cold. Chuck sat down next to me. "I am so sorry. I can't believe he would do this" said Chuck. "It's fine. Just felt so insulted" I said.

"Well, Trent haven't heard that Tim is really the womanizer, not me" said Chuck. "Yeah, I know" I said. The bill came and I paid for dinner, since I did not want Chuck to pay a dime. We walk back to the hotel and got on the elevator. Soon enough we so made out. We kissed and kissed all the way to our room. As we get to the room. We started to take our clothes off to the bedroom. We kept kissing and got under the covers. We end up having sex. I was so loving it. Chuck was nervous at first, but, once he knows, he felt it so much that it was inside of me. There were a lot of kissing. So much scratching. Not to mention there was moaning. After that we both lay down and out of the sheats. "Where did you learn how to do that?" ask Chuck. "I don't know. I guess I am natural at it" I said. "I so love it" said Chuck. "Mmm...yeah" I said. "So, I won't see you for a while. I have to teach a class and I am going to Europe. Chris got me on a show" said Chuck. "How long?" I ask. "Three weeks" said Chuck. "Listen, I know I will miss you and I know you haven't tried long distance, but, there is a way" I said. "What's that?" ask Chuck. "Video chat" I said. "What is video chat?" ask Chuck. "Well, it's a way of communicating with someone. It involves cameras and screens to see the other person. It would work if it was using an wifi connection" I said. "Really? Can you show me how?" ask Chuck. "Yeah, give me a moment" I said. I went to get my tablet and then I called Dominique who was still up and having a naughty moment with Tyler Black. Dominique saw the call. "Huh, it's Lindsie. Wonder what she is up to?" ask Dominique. "Oh whatever Lindsie wants, tell her to call you tomorrow" said Tyler. "I will see what she wants" said Dominique. Dominique answers it. Dominique was in shock. "Hey Lindsie! Uh, who is with you? I know that's neither Chris Hero or Tim Donst" said Dominique. "Hello Domi. Yeah, I know, but, is that Tyler with you?" I ask. "Yeah, hang on. Hey babe!" said Dominique. "What? Huh? Chuck Taylor...CHUCK TAYLOR? What the heck is he doing in your bed?" ask Tyler. "Dude, that's rude!" said Dominique. "Well, Chuck and I are spending time, since the incident" I said. "What incident?" ask Dominique. "You have forgotten already?" I ask. Dominique nodded. "Tim fully cheated on Lindsie Christmas Eve at the same time Chris Hero did too. It was just awful. I yelled at them both" said Tyler.

"I thought Claudio did that?" ask Dominique. "No, Claudio was drunk" said Tyler. "Right" said Dominique. "Well, I was upset. I know you and John confronted the two" I said. "Yeah, those two were so in trouble" said Dominique. "So, what's this video chat for?" ask Tyler. "Yo" said Chuck. "Hey, Chuck" said Tyler. "So, how the two are you doing?" I ask. "Mad as hell" said Tyler. "Dude, not her again" I said. "Nope. Worse" said Tyler. "What?" I ask. "Dominique is pregnant and her parents kicked her out" said Tyler. "Huh? Why?" I ask. "Well, when they heard that I was, they want Tyler to pay for everything. I told them that he can't" said Dominique. "Why not? Don't tell me John Moxley is the father?" I ask. "Nope. I had to say that because I did not want them to find out the real truth" said Dominique. "What?" I ask. "I was really drunk and I rape her" said Tyler. Chuck and I look at each other, "Domi, did you tell your parents the truth?" I ask as I turn  my head to the screen. "Uh, no" said Dominique.  I looked at Dominique. "Are you sure?" I ask. "Yeah, she could not" said Tyler. "Why not?" I ask. "Well..." said Dominique. "Uh" said Tyler. "You could not tell them, because you are worried that Tyler is going to jail, despite he was drunk?" I ask. "Yeah" said Dominique. "Well, I can't do anything about this at my end" I said. "Why not?" ask Tyler. "Hello" I said as I pointed to Chuck. "Right" said Tyler. "But, why are the two of you are half naked?" ask Dominique. "Um..." I said. "Lindsie" said Dominique. "Er" I said. "Lindsie, you didn't!" said Dominique. "Come on Dominique! At least Tyler is drunk!" I said. "But, Lindsie!" said Dominique.

"I have to go. We are getting tired! Good night you two!" I said. "Lindsie!" said Dominique. I end the video chat. I freaked out. Chuck looked at me. "Are you okay?" ask Chuck. "No. It's really insane with Dominique being a teenager" I said. "Oh" said Chuck. "She's really insane. Surprised that she's pregnant"I said. "Yeah, that would be insane" said Chuck. "Well it is for a teenager" I said. We look at each other and then we kiss and then we went to bed. The next morning we got ready to go our separate ways, Chuck got a phone call. He was not happy of what he heard, but, he would be trying again some other time. Then he turned to me. "Lindsie, I need to tell you something" said Chuck. "What?" I ask. "I got the phone call from the factory. Someone burglarized the place and took the money and DVDs for the training" said Chuck. "What? Why?" I ask. "I don't know. They cancel the classes" said Chuck. "I'm sorry" I said. "It's okay" said Chuck. "You were getting paid for it" I said. "Yeah" said Chuck. "I know your upset about it" I said. "Yeah. I was looking forward to show the students how to escape a submission hold" said Chuck. "Yikes. I am sorry to hear about it" I said. "Me too" said Chuck. I look at him. He was really bummed about it. "Chuck" I said. "Yeah, Lindsie" said Chuck. "Why don't you show me?" I ask. "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you" said Chuck. "Yeah" I said. So, Chuck did. He grab me and I tried to break free. Chuck show me how to do it the right way. I grab him and he took me down right on the bed. I started to giggle. "Damn you're great!" I said. "Thank you" said Chuck as he came on top on me and kiss me. "Are you in pain?" ask Chuck. "Not much" I said. He kiss me more. Soon, I looked at the clock. "Oh man" I said. "What's wrong?" ask Chuck. "We need to leave" I said. "Are you sure? The time to check out is 11:30am" said Chuck.

"It's 11" I said. We both freaked out. We quickly pack all of our stuff and got out of the room. We catch a taxi to the auto repair shop. My car that I drove Chuck and me to the show got hit by a crazy drunk driver. Not one of us got hurt. However, the damage was bad. But, it got worse. "What do you mean that someone damage the car?" I ask the auto mechanic. "Someone came here last night and vandel it. I was going to call the police. But, I want to see if you notice the one who did this?" ask the auto mechanic. The auto mechanic show me a video of the vandalizm. I screamed. "That jerk!" I said. Chuck heard me shouted. "What's wrong?" ask Chuck. "Do you know who this person? Your girlfriend is freaking out" said the auto mechanic. Chuck looked at it. "Him? I guess the show was not enough" said Chuck. "What can I do?" ask the auto mechanic. "Call the police" I said. "Got it" said the auto mechanic. Chuck came up to me. "Are you okay?" ask Chuck. "No, I am not. I have to call my mother and she will call my father" I said. "That bad?" ask Chuck. "Yeah" I said. I had no other choice. I call my mother. Meanwhile Chuck tweeted to his fans. Suddenly, he got a tweet back. It was Trent who was still in pain. He said that he wanted answers. Chuck explain to Trent what happened. I got off the phone and Chuck got done tweeting. We looked at each other. "So, what's the story?" ask Chuck. "My mother is in shock that we got into an accident without getting harmed. I told her that and the vandalizm. She said that she is calling the dealership about the car and what should we do. I told her I am filing a report with the police" I said. "I am glad that you are" said Chuck. "Me too" I said. The police came and took statements from the both of us. Chuck and I looked at each other. "Let's go get lunch" I said. "Right, I am starving" said Chuck. We went to a diner. There we order food.

As we waited, my mother called. I was in shock with the news. "I am glad. Thanks mom. I will see you later" I said. "So, what's the news?" ask Chuck. "My mother said that the dealer will replace the car, but, we need to take the car to dealership back home, but, there is a problem. The police won't give our car back until they get the fingerprints off of it. I ask them how long. They said weeks if they did not have so much stuff. However, when the police where you are doing training, has spoke to them if the two are connected and they would get on it and would give us back in 24 hours" I said. "Oh wow" said Chuck. "So, when are you heading to Europe?" I ask. "Well it's going to be this weekend" said Chuck. "I see" I said. "Yeah, there are some wrestling promotionals are wanted to see some new faces and I am going, because Chris ask me. Plus I am doing a few seminars" said Chuck. "I am glad to hear that. I am sure that will pay you well" I said. "I hope so. I am looking at maybe $750" said Chuck. "I hope so" I said. "What about you?" ask Chuck. "I am going to talk to Anne and then I got to go to work. My boss said that if I keep the sales up, he might give me a raise and promote me" I said. "Are you sure you want to go through with it?" ask Chuck. "Yeah, it would give me better health benefits and I can take more days off with pay" I said. "Well, I do trust you" said Chuck. "I know" I said. So, my mother arrived in the next few hours and we pack up our stuff and we had to wait for the car. "They are not ready. They are trying to make sure if the prints are from the car are the same as the burglary" I said. "The burglary?" ask my mother. "Yeah" I said. "When did this happened?" ask my mother. "Last night" I said. "This has not happen to you both?" ask my mother. "No" I said. "But, how it's connected to the vandalizm?" ask my mother. "Well, someone saw the same person in the video of the vandalism to the one at the burglary" I said. "So, how long will you get the car back?" ask my mother. "Oh about 21 hours" I said. "What? That long?" ask my mother. "Yeah it is" I said. "Your father is not going to like this. He's already have your brother punished" said my mother. "Why? You know he won't listen" I said. "Well, not this time. He has your brother's passport" said my mother. "What? He need it for his judging! He's getting paid for it!" I said.

"Well, you know your father" said my mother. "A coward" I said. "Lindsie" said my mother. "Don't you dare!" I said. "That's not how your father is!" said my mother. "Mom, you know he is as so are you! Trying to be bad to prove that you are scared!" I said. My mother kept her mouth shut. I looked at Chuck who was getting ready to go to the airport. "Do you got your stuff?" I ask. "Yeah. I see what you are saying" said Chuck. "I know" I said. "So, will you message me so we can talk when I get there?" ask Chuck. "Of course" I said. "Nice" said Chuck. "Yeah. So you are leaving soon?" I ask. "Yeah, I forgot to check" said Chuck. "I will take you to the airport" I said. So Chuck smiled. My mother sat in the back of the car and Chuck and I are in the front. We went to the airport and drop him off. "So, I will see you within a month" I said. "Yeah. I am going sightseeing" said Chuck. We both kiss. I watch him going off. "You are going to see him again" said my mother. "Yeah" I said. My mother and I went to the police station and they still have working on the testing, but, they give me my car. We loaded up and drove all the way home after we stop at the dealership. About two weeks later, I got sick. Anne, who came on by to visit me to talk about her upcoming wedding, saw me looking real sick. "Hello Lindsie. You don't look so good" said Anne. "No, I am..." I said. I suddenly collapsed in front of Anne. She took me to the hospital. My mother came a little bit later. "What happened?" ask my mother. "I had a faint spell" I said. "They are running battery tests" said Anne. "What happened two weeks ago?" ask my mother. "Uh, nothing" I said. "Are you sure?" ask my mother. "Yes, I am sure" I said. "Okay, I am going to ask the doctors what is going on" said my mother. She left. "You didn't really tell her" said Anne. "No, she will go nuts" I said. "How are you going to tell Chuck?" ask Anne. "He won't know" I said. "I hope so for your sake" said Anne. "Well, Anne you know I send you those videos!" I said. "I know and even though that's the case, how do you know it's not even really how he feels?" ask Anne. "I don't know! I never spoke to him about it!" I said.

My mother came with the doctor. "So, what's the news?" I ask. "Well, until we are certain, you might be pregnant" said the doctor. "Yikes!" I said. "Yikes?" ask my mother. "Well, they are not sure!" I said. "Oh Lindsie" said Anne. "So, you will be kept in a few days for observation" said the doctor. "Fine. I will say that" I said. It was just nuts. Anne got online and she tweeted that I am in the hospital. I told her not to. But, she insist. "Why do you need to tell them?" I ask. "Well, in order for Chuck to know" said Anne. "Anne, please don't" I said. "Too late" said Anne. I got mad. However, Anne got many responses. One of them was from my dear boyfriend who is in Germany. "Hey, Chuck tweeted back" said Anne. "What does he want?" I ask. "He's is concerned about you" said Anne. "Tell him that I am fine" I said. "Lindsie, quit being so stubborn" said my mother. "Stay out of this! In fact can you get food?" I ask. "Doctor says only healthy food" said my mother. "Okay" I said. She went to get it. Anne and I stare at each other. "Don't" said Anne. "Anne, you know he can't know!" I said. "He tweeted me back saying that how long are you staying. I said a few nights" said Anne. "Well, at least he's not coming home early" I said. "Well, you don't need to worry" said Anne. Anne was right. She has gather all the reports for me on the tour and it was really nuts. Not to mention the photos. "Oh man! Trent's on the tour too?" I ask. "Yeah" said Anne. I was in shock. We talked until I need to go to bed. The next few days was just boring. However, I did had a chance to talk to Chuck who was just finished a match. "Hey Lindsie, how are you feeling?" ask Chuck. "Tired, but, I'm still stuck at the hospital" I said. "Yeah. I won a few title belts" said Chuck. "I saw. Although, what did Trent do after the show? There are reports going left and right saying he did something stupid" I said. "Yeah, someone drug him and he was acting weird. We tried to stop him. But, it got out of control" said Chuck. "That's not good" I said. "Well, I have to bail him out" said Chuck. "Wait, he got arrested?" I ask. "Yeah" said Chuck. "Do I need to send out bail money?" I ask. "No, someone is taking care of it" said Chuck. "Okay" I said. As I was going to finished talking to Chuck, a doctor came in my room. "Ah, excuse me Lindsie" said the doctor. "Yeah, I am talking with my boyfriend" I said. "Sorry" said the doctor.

"It's okay" I said. I told Chuck to go bail Trent. The doctor talk to me. "Well, you have a little faint spell because your body has not taken process food within a year. We can stop the faint spell with medicine. Also, you are pregnant" said the doctor. I screamed. My mother and Anne heard me. "Is everything okay?" ask Anne. I shake my head. The doctor told my mother. She then came up to me. "Well, you like babies and you are going to be a grandmother" I said. "Oh Lindsie" said my mother. "But, have you told Chuck?" ask Anne. "I can't Anne. Right now he has to go bail out Trent" I said. "You talk to him?" ask Anne. "Yeah" I said. "Is he okay?" ask my mother. "He's fine. I haven't said a word about the situation" I said. "You have to" said Anne. "I can't" I said. We both look at each other and stare at each other. After one more night at the hospital, I was allowed to go home. As I got home, Anne and I start talking. "So, what should we do about the wedding?" I ask. "I won't talk about the wedding unless you tell Chuck!" said Anne. "Anne, do I have to explain this to you again?" I ask. "No, but, Lindsie, he needs to know!" said Anne. "Anne don't" I said. "I'm sorry" said Anne. So, we had to plan. It droves us nuts. Two weeks later, Chuck came back from Europe. He wanted to see me. I was at work and I had to take it easy. He came on by to surprise me as I was finishing up work. "I just got one customer really happy with the product. I am done for today" I said. "You earn it. I am sorry that you had problems" said my boss. "I am fine, but, the medicine won't effect my other situation" I said. "Yeah, I know. By the way, someone is here to see you" said my boss. "What?" I ask. I went to see what my boss is saying. I was happy. "Oh, I glad to see you!" I said. "Me too!" said Chuck. "So, how was the trip?" I ask. "Good. But, I thought the payment was going to be what I didn't thought it would be" said Chuck. "What happened?" I ask. Chuck show me his check. I cover my mouth. "I am glad they paid you that" I said. "Yeah, and I want to spend it on you, since you spend it on me" said Chuck. "No, it's for you to keep it" I said. "Well, at least let me take you out" said Chuck.

"Alright" I said. We went to this sushi bar and ate so much sushi. "This is so good" said Chuck. "The best" I said. "I do miss you. What did the doctors said?" ask Chuck. "Well, I got a little bit faint spell due to not eating process food. So, the doctor tells me that I can't drink anything or eat anything that would give me another faint spell. As long as I have to take these pills" I said. "Oh, so that's what with the water" said Chuck. "Yeah" I said. "So, I am checking what bookings I have besides the Chikara shows" said Chuck. "Yeah and Anne's wedding is coming up" I said. "Cool" said Chuck. "So, will you go or can't you?" I ask. "I will see. When is the wedding?" ask Chuck. "A week from this weekend. It's on a Saturday" I said. "Are you sure?" ask Chuck. "Yeah" I said. "Well, I will try and make it" said Chuck. "Okay. I am wearing something pink" I said. "Should I?" ask Chuck. "No, but, if you would" I said. "I know what you are saying" said Chuck. "Good" I said. "So, was that the only thing was the reason why you are in the hospital?" ask Chuck. "Yeah" I said. "Okay" said Chuck. We ate and Chuck paid dinner. As we got home, I got a phone call from the police who took our vandalized case. I was in shock. I had to tell Chuck. "Lindsie what's wrong?" ask Chuck. "They match the fingerprints to the burglary. Somehow the prints had to be triple check, but, I can't believe this!" I said. "What?" ask Chuck. "It's Tim. He did this" I said. "What? How?" ask Chuck. "He done this within hours" I said. "He's doing this to get back at us" said Chuck. "Yeah, but, mostly me" I said. "No way" said Chuck. "What?" I ask. "Nothing" said Chuck. "I am worry for the safety of everyone" I said as a started to touch my stomach. We were both scared because we did not know what is going on with Tim, but, he just want me. A week later at the wedding, Chuck was coming from a show and I was so alone, but, when Anne came up to me. "You haven't told him about you are pregnant aren't you Lindsie?" ask Anne. "Anne, I don't know anymore" I said. "Great. On the day of my wedding, you don't have the nerve telling him!" said Anne. "Shut-up Anne!" I said as I am crying. Anne left me alone. I started to cry. I write a letter explaining what is going on. Then, I sign it and left it with Anne.

I drove off to the bay entrance. Meanwhile, Chuck was there and he sees Anne so upset. "Anne, what's wrong?" ask Chuck. "Lindsie, she's upset. She end our friendship and ended your relationship!" said Anne. "Why?" ask Chuck. Anne shows Chuck the letter. He reads it and looks at Anne. "She did not said that? Why?" ask Chuck. "She's too scared to tell you. Ever since she saw your videos on YouTube on how you are being so mean to the kids" said Anne. Chuck laugh. "I do that because I am working on that as part of my character. No wonder she is so confused" said Chuck. "Well, if you want to know, she's over at the bay. I don't know what she is doing, but, I am sure she is not going to drown" said Anne. "Thanks, I will go get her" said Chuck. "Oh please hurry, the wedding is going to start within an hour!" said Anne. Chuck went to look for me. I was at the bay entrance and started to walk and sat down at a bench. I looked at the view. "I know my dear child that you will understand that your father won't be there for us. Like my father is. I know that somewhere Chuck will know that he has a child that I raise alone" I said. "Or they will know that their father will be there at their mother's side always" said Chuck. I turn around. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "Anne told me that you blew her off on her wedding day, because of a secret you won't tell me. She show me the letter you address to the both of us" said Chuck. "I was too scared to tell you this" I said. "Why won't you tell me?" ask Chuck. "Because, the reason why I won't tell you this, is because of what I know" I said. "Listen is this something to do about what I do during matches, just don't worry" said Chuck. "Alright" I said. We walk to the end of the bay. Suddenly, someone scares us. "Well, someone is happy to be reunited" said a voice. "No way! That voice" I said. "Tim what do you want from us?" ask Chuck. "Easy, I want Lindsie" said Tim. "Hell no!" I said. "You can't have her!" said Chuck. "Why not?" ask Tim. "It's because I am going to marry Lindsie!" said Chuck. "You what?" ask Tim. "Really?" I ask. "Yeah, it's because I am going to propose to her right now!" said Chuck.

"No! Don't!" said Tim. I knew there was something going on. Also I saw Anne who is ready to clock out Tim. "What, I love her and want her to be my wife" said Chuck. "Please don't!" said Tim. Anne quickly snuck up and then as she was about to do it, Tim said something. "I don't get it why you want to marry a lowlife like him?" ask Tim. "You want to know why?" I ask. "Yes, please tell me why!" said Tim. Suddenly, Anne hit him in the back. Tim went down. "Anne!" I said. "I am here to save my friends! I heard the news that Tim was looking for you two. He was going to kill you both" said Anne. "What? Why?" I ask. "He really is hurt" said Anne. "Well, it was not my fault" I said. "I know, because I remember. Plus it was me who had to seperated you and him as much as I separated you and Chris" said Anne. "Really?" I ask. "No, I am just playing with you. I saw what those two guys did to you and I took care of them all" said Anne. "Are you sure?" I ask. "Yeah, I am sure" said Anne. "Thanks" I said. "Now, let's get to the wedding!" said Anne. "Yeah!" I said. We walk to the cars and drove back to the wedding. At the wedding, everyone was waiting for Anne. She was not alone. Chuck and I show up and we were ahead of her. It was very unique. At the wedding ceremony it was just insane. Everyone was crying. After the ceremony, at the reception, Anne got on the microphone. "Is this thing on? Okay. I want my friend Lindsie and her boyfriend to come up on stage" said Anne. "I wonder what Anne is up to?" I ask. Chuck shrugs. We both got up there. "Anne, what's going on?" I ask Anne by whispering. "You'll see" said Anne. I don't know what is going on. Anne hold the microphone as Chuck spoke. "I want to say something. I just learn that my girlfriend is expecting and I am glad that I am going to be the father" said Chuck. Everyone started to say aw. "However, I am ready to move on to something more and I will be getting married to my girlfriend. So, Lindsie would you please come up to me" said Chuck. I came up to him. Chuck got down on one knee and he pulled out a box.

"Will you marry me, my dear sweet Lindsie?" ask Chuck as he open a box. I saw what he has got. "I can't believe you got the engagement ring that I really like! Yes, I really do!" I said. I started to cry. Chuck did got me the emerald engagement ring that I wanted. He place it on my ring finger. He got up, wipe my tears off, and we both kissed. I was so happy. Anne was smiling. A few months later, we got married. I see my stomach grown. I was so happy as much as Chuck was. We got married in front of family and friends. Anne was my maid of honor and Dominique was one of the bridesmaids. Trent was the best man and Tyler was one of the groomsmen. After the wedding, we went on our honeymoon and it was nuts. Chuck and I walk on the beach and he had some surprises for me during our honeymoon that Anne had to help. After our honeymoon, we went to Dominique and Tyler's baby shower. Dominique was really far long and any day she would be going to labor. "Domi" I said. "Yeah, Lindsie" said Dominique. "When are you suppose to be in labor?" I ask. "Uh...uh...uh-oh! Babe!" screamed Dominique. "What?" ask Tyler. "My water broke!" said Dominique. "Oh no!" said Tyler. Dominique was screaming. "Is there a doctor in the house?" I ask. "I am" said one. "What's going on with Dominique?" I ask. "She has gone into labor" said the doctor. "Is she going to be alright?" ask Tyler. "Yeah, I need towels and hot water!" said the doctor. "I will go get the towels" said Tyler. "I will go get the hot water" said Chuck. "I will be at Dominique's side" I said. Dominique sat on a chair and her feet were lifted up. "Where is Tyler?" ask Dominique. "He's coming! Tyler! HURRY UP!" I said. Tyler came out with the towels. "Where is the hot water?" ask Tyler. "Chuck, babe, where is it?" I screamed. "I am coming!" said Chuck. Chuck came with the hot water. Dominique's contractions was a few minutes apart. "Lindsie! Please tell me if the babe is coming?" Dominique ask. "I will" I said. I check. "Start pushing Dominique!" said the doctor. "I am! Tyler please hold my hand" said Dominique. Tyler does.

Chuck and I got a leg of Dominique. Dominique pushed. "I see something!" I said. "Me too!" said Chuck. "You almost got it!" said the doctor. "Few more!" I said. Suddenly, Dominique pushed and a baby came out. It was a boy. Dominique and Tyler named him Xavier. Dominique was so tired. The doctor called the ambulance and took Dominique and Xavier to the hospital with Tyler driving behind them. I was so tired with the baby shower. Chuck carry me to the car and he drove home. As we got home, I woke up. "Damn, I am so tired" I said. "Yeah, Dominique going to labor made you tired" said Chuck. "I am going to need the rest before the baby comes" I said. "I know. So, when are we going to find out what the baby is?" ask Chuck. "Within a few months, my dear husband" I said. "Alright, my dear wife" said Chuck. A few months later we had to get a sonogram and it was a shock to see. We were having a girl. A few weeks later, I went in labor. It took 13 hours, but, I finally deliver our girl. We named her Candice Marie. She was so cute. Chuck smiled. He had to miss wrestling, just to be with me and our daughter. "Hey Lindsie" said Chuck. "Yeah" I said. "So, what's on your mind?" ask Chuck. "I don't know. I felt so happy that we are starting a family" I said. "Really?" ask Chuck.

"Yeah, I do...Dustin" I said.

The End

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