One night 3 - A pro wrestling fan fiction stories

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Story one: A spring night with Chris Hero

It was a very warm spring night. I was looking outside and I was taking out recycling for my family. I had my flashlight. I hear a noise. I walk to see what it is. I walk just wearing my t-shirt and a black skirt and I point the light at a man. I look and I was surprised. "Chris?" I ask. "Yeah, it's me. Lindsie we need to talk. I been hearing rumors about this doctor dude and please say it not so" said Chris. I look at him and started to shed tears. "You must heard my mother said that. I wish this would never be true" I said. "I am not going to lose you to him. You told me he makes you upset" said Chris. "Then I need you to kiss me so I know that you love me" I said. "How about more?" ask Chris. "What more? Chris we been dating for months! What more do you want?" I ask him. "Just let me show you" said Chris. He walks me to the steps in the back yard that has a bush, hiding the steps. Chris sat down on the steps. He had me to sat down on his lap. We soon kissed. Suddenly, Chris took off my t-shirt to reveal my sweet breasts. He grabs them and feels them knowing that they are so not fake. After that, Chris let me stand up and I remove my skirt. I was naked. Chris removed his t-shirt and his blue jeans. I got on my knees and start to suck his dick. He moans and sure enough, it was time. I sat on his lap and swing my legs to the lotus position and sure enough, Chris do me. He look so sweet underneath the moonlight. He kiss me as he so fuck me. I moan so quietly, so no one would call the police. I felt his arms around me knowing that I am safe. He knows that I love him no matter what and he knows that he loves me no matter what. Soon, his peek hits and it was done. Sure enough the deed was done and I was Chris' lady for sure. We got dress and went inside. My mother has not return from her evening, but, Chris and I went to my room and make out, until we are tired and went to bed. "Your mother is going to be mad" said Chris. "Let her. She goes against my wishes. All I got it you, the soon to be father of my child" I said. Chris smiled and he and I cuddle and went to sleep.
Story two: A summer night with Austin Aries
It was our second wedding anniversary and I was so mad at my husband, Austin Aries, for being at a wrestling show, without calling me saying that he love me and with no anniversary gift. "When are you going to be home?" I ask myself. I was regretting marrying him, because I knew he cheated on me. I was about to go to bed, when all of a sudden, someone breaks in. I was sweating in this summer heat and I forgot to put the air conditioner on. Some guy in the shadows breaks in and was starting to chase me. I ran upstairs and the guy rip my clothes off as I reach our bedroom. I was screaming for help as I got to our room. I locked the door and grab the phone. I was panicking and called Austin Aries first. No answer. The guy in the shadows was about to unlock it as I was going to dial for the police to come. The guy open the door and he grab the phone and push me on the bed and he pounce on me. Sure enough I was trapped and I was starting to feel hot. I was sweating and the guy was about to rape me, but, instead he turn on the lights and I quickly close my eyes until I felt some cold coming in and suddenly I felt kisses all over my body. "What's going on?" I ask. Sure enough I open my eyes and see what was going on. "Hello Lindsie!" said a voice. "Austin Aries! What's going on?" I ask him. "I'm sorry my dear wife that I scared you. I miss you and that is why I wanted to come home and just be with you. You and that hot sexy body ready to make me plow it!" said Austin. "Oh my! I guess I am ready" I said. "Yes, you are" said Austin. Sure enough that is what happening. I was so fucked in so hard and so deep by Austin Aries. I was feeling the passion and with the kiss, I knew I was in deep. I was finally to be his. After all, the marriage was save. "This is going to be a hard one!" I shouted. "Why?" ask Austin.  "Because, I thought you were a shadow figure wanted to rape me!" I said. "No way. Not going to let that happen to us" said Austin. Sure enough he was right. All I know that he got me so good, I feel it. Sure enough he reach his peek and I was glad. He and I got up and we kiss. "That was the best sex I had ever. Thank you my love" I said. "Your welcome Lindsie. I know that I will never let you be this way. I am sorry that I scared you. I was trying to make our anniversary a wild one. I'll make it up more for you when I cook our vegan dinner tomorrow night" said Austin. "Sweet" I said. We both got tired and we fell asleep. I feel asleep in his arms. 
Story three: A fall night with Tim Donst
I was quickly rushing to spend the night with Tim, because it was his birthday. I got the package of his new ring gear that I secretly designed with Tim's mother and with the help of some talented people who done the rest, it was ready. I grabbed his gift and headed over to his place. As I got there, a lot of people was there. I got scared, but, sure enough, Tim was there and he was smiling. He sees me. "Lindsie! There you are! I see you brought my gift!" said Tim. "Yes, I did!" I said. Tim grab it and then he and I kissed. Tim bring me in and then we had fun. Music was playing and Tim and I dance. After that we have cake. It was yummy. Then it was time to open the gifts. A lot of people gave him gifts that were very strange and the females ends up getting a kiss on the cheek from Tim. I was so jealous. I went to use the bathroom and started to cry. Suddenly, Tim was in shock. "New ring gear? What? Who did this?" ask Tim. He grab the card. Tim was looking for me. "Where is Lindsie?" ask Tim. "She's in the bathroom!" said Tim's mother. Tim went to find me. He reach the bathroom door. "Lindsie, can you please open the door?" ask Tim. "Why?" I ask him. "Because I want to thank you" said Tim. I open the door. Tim sees me crying. He grab a towel and wipe my tears. "I don't want to see you sad, because when you do, it makes me sad. I am glad you came and I love that you got me a new ring gear. I do appreciated it. I really love you Lindsie" said Tim. "I love you too Tim" I said. Tim grab me and he kiss me on the lips. "Wow" I said. "That's not all" said Tim. Tim grab me and we joined everyone. "Everyone, I want to say thank you, but, there is something that I really want for my birthday. Something I want to make my life almost complete. Lindsie, I glad you came. Ever since we dated for a year, I am glad you stick at my side. Now, I am ready to move on with you into our lives together. Would you please have the honor and the privilege to be my wife?" ask Tim as he gets on one knee as he pulls out an emerald engagement ring. Everyone gasp. "Yes, I do!" I said. Tim  placed the engagement ring on my finger. I smiled and then Tim got up and we both kissed. Sure enough everyone smiled and they congratulated us. As the party was winding down, everyone was leaving and Tim and I went to his bedroom. "Now that's over, the romance can fully begin" said Tim. "So, what are we going to do?" I ask him.

"Well, this to begin" said Tim. Tim kiss me and he took off my clothing. I took off his clothing and we made out, into having sex. It was so sweet. Tim kiss my body over and over and I was loving it. We were feeling so great and sure enough we were feeling each other up. Tim was getting me in through deep and sure enough he reach his peek and then we kiss more. "That was so hot. I love it and I love you, Timothy Donst" I said. "I love you too Lindsie Donst" said Tim as he laughs. "You so can't wait until we are married" I said. "Yep" said Tim. We cuddle and fell asleep.

Story four: A winter night with Chris Hero

It was the night before our wedding. I was so freaked out. I could not see Chris until our wedding, tomorrow, which it was Chris' birthday. I had a hard time sleeping. "What's wrong with me?" I ask. Valentyna, who was with me notice that I can't sleep. "I can't take it. I don't care about superstitions and bad luck. You can't sleep without him and this is just rubbish. I'm calling Chris!" said Valentyna. "Wait Tyna, please don't!" I said. Valentyna pay no attention and she called Chris. "Chris, would you please come to our hotel room. Lindsie can't sleep without you and she needs you!" said Valentyna. "I'm coming. I can't sleep either. If we can sleep tonight, we will be fine tomorrow" said Chris. "Well hurry" said Valentyna. "I will" said Chris. I got mad at Valentyna. "This is for the best Lindsie" said Valentyna. "I can't believe you" I said. "You can't sleep and Chris is coming to you. He can't sleep either and it's for the best that you two sleep together" said Valentyna. She was really concern about me and despite that we got warned by my mother, I can't sleep! Sure enough, Chris was making his way to my room, when my mother was out of the hallway and she sees that Chris was trying to get to me. She had no other choice, but, to stop him at all cost. "I am not going to let you get to my daughter!" said my mother. She threw everything in her sight at Chris. "Come on!" said Chris. Soon, Wade and Claudio came on by and they help Chris. "What's going on?" ask Claudio. "It's Lindsie's mother. She's getting in the way!" said Chris. "Valentyna text me! We are so going to get you to Lindsie!" said Wade. The three fight everything that my mother threw at them and they made it to my hotel room. Valentyna open the door and let Chris in. Valentyna sees the marks on Chris. "What happen?" ask Valentyna. "It's Lindsie's mother. She tried to stop me get to Lindsie" said Chris. "You poor man" said Valentyna. "Where is my Lindsie?" ask Chris. "She's in that doors. It would be nice if you two get it on before the wedding" said Valentyna. "Well, I just want Lindsie to be happy" said Chris. Chris open the doors and he sees me naked. "Lindsie!" said Chris. "Oh Chris!" I said. Chris quickly take off his clothes and he got on the bed. We both kissed. "I could not sleep" I said. "Me too" said Chris. We had no choice but to have sex.

Chris grab me and he got on top of me. I kiss him. The sex was so much sweet. I could feel it in me. Chris kisses got so sweet. I moan and Chris has got to his peek. Chris get off of me. I look at the clock. "What? It's that time!" I said. "What?" ask Chris. I look at Chris. "Happy birthday Chris" I said. I kiss him. "Thank you and I love you Lindsie" said Chris. "I love you too Chris" I said. We both kiss and we fell asleep in each others arms. I knew that I sleep well, because I have the man I love with me in bed. However, my mother on the other hand was mad. But, then she just realized something. "I see what's going on. Lindsie had a problem just like on that comedy show. Well as long as Lindsie is happy, I am too. I guess old traditions need to stop" said my mother.

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