One night: stories of pro wrestlers- a fan fiction stories 2

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Note: This one have videos


One Night: Story one-Austin Aries

I was really mad about this. Jimmy Jacobs has won me in a bet against his pal Chris Hero. That was not the worse part of it all. He didn't win me for himself, but for someone else. I find out who, when Jimmy drove me to an apartment. Jimmy grabs me out of the car and take me up to the steps. Jimmy knocks on the door. "Hey! Open up! I got her! She's yours for the night!" said Jimmy. A door opens and I was in shock to see who it is. "YOU!" I said. "Hello Lindsie!" said a man. "Out of all people, wrestling wise, beside Jimmy and Chris, it has to be you! Why me? Why does it have to be you, AUSTIN ARIES!" I said. "Hey now! I won you fairly!" said Jimmy. "Dude, I know you cheated! Tyler knows you cheated!" I said. Jimmy quickly ran back to his car and drove off. "Jerk" I said. I know I was in so much trouble. Austin Aries let me come in. "You can leave, but, it's way too dark for you to walk like this. Come, I made dinner" said Austin. I enter. I sat down at his table. Austin place down a plate with vegetarian food. "Go on and try it. I made it" said Austin. "I heard about your cooking. I will try it" I said. I pick up my fork and I try it. I eat it. Somehow, I smile. "Wow, this is great. I was hoping it was true" I said. Austin Aries smiled and he and I eat. He pour a glass of red wine and give it to me. "Here, drink" said Austin. "Thank you" I said. I drink and I started to blush. "I see that the sweet wine makes you blush. You look so beautiful" said Austin. "Thank you" I said. I felt a little bit drained. I sat on his couch and started to feel warm. "It's so hot" I said. I wanted to take off my shirt. Austin came over and sat next to me. "You feel so hot?" ask Austin. I nodded my head. Austin takes off his shirt and show off his chest. I was shock. Austin grab me and he takes off my shirt and then my bra!

Sure enough, I was in so much in trouble. But, Austin could not resist. He felt my breast and I told him to stop. But, sadly enough, I cave in. "I knew you would let me. I have to tell you that you are so sweet and I want you to be mine, please?" ask Austin. "You mean as your girlfriend? I don't know" I said. He whisper in my ear and we went into his bedroom. Sure enough, we made out as much. "Will you know? I know that Chris have not been paying any attention to you and you should saw that I was trying to reach out to you" said Austin. "What? How? You haven't been" I said. Austin showed me a video of his promo that he done.

I just don't get it. The promo was aiming towards to the people who was watching him. I don't know why Austin tells me that he was reaching out for me? I was going to cry, but I got kissed again by Aries. "Please consider it. I really love you and I been trying to reach for you. If you are mad about Jimmy Jacobs winning you, then I am sorry for that. I told him to beat Chris for you. Just please think about it" said Austin. I had to think about it. Could he be telling the truth? I just don't know. I know that I haven't seen my friends for this night. "I know your friends, they would not care. Except for Dominique. I can give her Alex Shelley, if you care for her" said Austin. I had to think. Soon, I spoke up. "If you can give her Alex, will Alex care for her? Even, though, I want her be happy with Tyler Black. But, I haven't forgive Alex Shelley for blocking us on twitter" I said. "He block you both? Why didn't you say so?" ask Austin. "Well like you said about Chris, you don't care" I said. Austin looks at me and then he smiles. "Your right, but, that was in the past and I want to give us a chance. Just please Lindsie, give me your answer?" ask Austin Aries. He looks at me and holds my hand as we are sitting in the bed. I shed tears that was streaming down my face. "Yes, I will. I want you to be my boyfriend. But, I need to unblock you from twitter. But, I don't know about Alex Shelley and Dominique is in way far in love with Tyler, despite he is blowing her off" I said. Austin smiled. "I will deal with them tomorrow. Now for some alone time" said Austin. Austin and I got into the nude and just kissed. Then we got in the sheets and fell asleep.

One night: Story two-Tim Donst

I was at a wrestling show and I was waiting to see Tim Donst. I told my friends after a huge fight that there was no way we will see each other again. Tim knew I got upset, because he saw my tweet and he ask me if I was alright. I told him that I wasn't and they were using me so I would never get to Chris Hero. Tim got angry and then he invited me to a wrestling show near by where I live. So, that's where we are at. I grab my phone and check out one of his promos. I watched it. He was looking like John Moxley. He could be like a twin.

I watched the video over and over. Then I see him. He was coming out for his match against the man formally known as Derrick Bateman. They fought once before, but there was more to this. Derrick cut this promo saying all he wants was me, so he can deliver me to Chris Hero, once he returned to WWE. Tim shakes his head and cut a promo. "You are not taking Lindsie to Chris Hero! I know I been trained by him and Claudio Castagnoli and you are so not going to take her to him! If Chris wants Lindsie, he can come and get her!" said Tim. The fans were on Tim's side. The two went at it. It got crazy. I see them use weapons in the fight. Sure enough, Derrick bleed and Tim wins the match after Derrick could not respond to the ten count. After the match, Tim sees me and he kiss me. He whisper in my ear saying that he will see me later after the show. So, I watch more of the show. After the show ended. I see Tim and he wanted me to come with him to the locker room. "How are you feeling?" ask Tim. "I'm fine. I did not went on twitter" I said. "I check on your friends and sure enough they are really are worried about you" said Tim. "Let them. They are just liars" I said. Tim knew how upset I was and he want to make it right. So, he kiss me on the lips.

"Where did you kiss like that?" I ask him. "I been practicing" said Tim. I was in shock. "Have you ever heard of Austin Aries?" I ask Tim. "No, I haven't" said Tim. Sure enough we made out. Heck, I grab my phone and record a video of us kissing and posted on twitter. Then we just kept going at it. Tim tells me that he needs to shower before we leave and I said to him that I could wait for him. But, sure enough he tells me that he knows about my secret fan fiction and he knows that I like to have sex in the shower. Sure enough, we end up going in the shower all butt naked and we just have sex. I never seen him being like this at all. Sure enough after the crazy sex in the shower we had. We went back to my house and since my mother and my brother are not back from their wild night, I thought it would be cool if we have sex in my mother's room, since she and my father did, which cause me and my brother to be born. So, we went at it and then we just got tired. We cuddle up and fell asleep. A few hours later, my mother came home and she went to her room and saw us. She did not want to bother us, until tomorrow.

One Night: Story three- Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Domi, Chris Hero

This night is one we are not going to forget. I was on the computer looking through on tumblr seeing my sex confessions. Suddenly someone came behind me and covering my eyes. "Guess who" said a male voice. "Hmm, I know it's not Dean or Seth. So, it's you Chris!" I said. "Yes!" said Chris. I turned around, stand up, and kiss him. "I love how we kiss" said Chris. "Me too" I said. Suddenly we both hear a scream. We ran upstairs and see Domi in the nude with Dean and Seth totally fucking her. "Oh my god!" I said. "What?" ask Domi. "You three. NAKED!" said Chris. "Why don't you two join us!" said Dean. "DUDE!" said Domi. "We will pass" I said. "Come on!" said Seth as he sounds so drunk. I went to Seth and Dean. Both of their breaths smell so bad. "What the heck?" I ask. "What?" ask Chris. "Smell their breaths" I said. Chris smell it too. "You two have been drinking!" said Chris. "So?" ask Seth. "I think we both pass" I said. "Why?" ask Domi. "Because Chris can't drink! You know that he can't due to the weight!" I said. "What?" ask Domi. I smelled Domi's breath. I walk away and went downstairs to watch a video. I watch the first video I can find. It was Chris' promo in Ring of Honor, which he talks about his matches against Seth and Kenny Omega.

As I watch it all in awe, Chris comes behind me. "I look so good back then" said Chris. "You did" I said. Chris wrapped his arms around me. "How about this, we go and see what they are up to and if Dean and Seth want to fuck you, we will leave them alone" said Chris. "Fine" I said. Chris and I went back upstairs to see what the three are up to. But, sure enough, they all pass out. "I guess they are tired" I said. "Rats!" said Chris. "Come on. Let's just go at it. It would make them so mad!" I said. "Sure!" said Chris. So, we got down all naked and Chris started to fuck me so hard, I was loving it! Chris work his way into me and sure enough he reach his peek, we both scream. We scream so loud, Seth, Dean, and Domi woke up. "What the heck?" ask Dean. "Dude really?" ask Seth. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" ask Domi. "What?" I ask. "You two naked!" said Domi. "So are you!" I said. "What?" ask Domi. "You don't remember anything?" I ask. "No and why do I have a headache?" ask Domi. "You got drunk!" I said. "What?" ask Domi. "Seth and Dean got you underage drinking" said Chris. "This is bad" said Domi. "I know. As for you Seth and Dean! HOW COULD YOU TWO DO THIS TO A TEENAGER!" I said. "But, Lindsie! Honest to you and Chris, it was Dean's fault!" said Seth. "My fault? NO! This is your fault!" said Dean. "It's both your fault! You three got drunk and now we have to wait nine month to see who is the father of Domi's baby, if she is pregnant!" I said. Domi, Seth, and Dean put their heads down. Soon, we all fell asleep, but after I sucked Chris' dick.

One Night: Story four- Chris Hero

I just finished up this fall semester and I got my job shadowing to do in order to get a grade for my class. I struck a deal with my professor and the person in charge of the WWE NXT  production with Full Sail University that I had to put a promo together with one of their talent of my choosing. So, I chose my favorite wrestler, Chris Hero. I got to Florida and made my way to the WWE Performance Center to meet my team, which I am heading up the team for. I sat down and they tell me who they are and they show me a script of a promo. I got mad at them. "This is a promo?" I ask. "Yes Lindsie, it is" said one person. "THIS IS NOT A PROMO AT ALL!" I said. I show them a promo of Chris in Ring of Honor Wrestling. "THIS IS A PROMO! You can see here how Chris does this!" I said. Everyone watch the promo.

Soon they write down a new promo. I got more madder then before. "You need to work on it better!" I said. Soon enough, Chris Hero enters. I was just in shock to see him. "Hey, what's the noise? Huh? Lindsie is that you?" ask Chris. I was in shock. "Oh crap! I forgot that I tweeted that I would be here! Hi Chris" I said blushing in front of him. "What's going on? I heard you are here" said Chris. I see Chris sweating a little from the training he is doing. "Yeah, I guess I have to explain. You see I am here to do a project for my community college professor to make a presentation and sure enough, I decided to work here and they want me to do a promo and I decided to choose you, since I know how talent you are" I said. Chris had a weird look. "Wow" said Chris. He was not happy. I felt bad. "I should chose Sami Zayn. He's more better" I said. "Oh no you did not say that! You know I was testing to see how you react!" said Chris as he smiles. "I so hate you!" I said as I smile. I show Chris the script. "Yeah, this is not going to work" said Chris. "I have to agree, it's a failure" I said. So, Chris and I end up for the next few hours working on his promo. We both came up with nothing. It was late and my team was dismissed and I was noticing it got dark so fast. "I hate when this happens" I said. Chris sees me. "Hey, Lindsie, why don't you come back to my place. On the way, we will get dinner" said Chris. "I don't know. I needed to get back to my aunt's house" I said. Chris look sad. "You know what. I'll just screw it. I need to work with you" I said. Sure enough, Chris smiled and the two of us went back to Chris' place after we stop at Wawa. Chris brings me to his place. "Oh wow" I said. "I know" said Chris. Chris and I sat at his table and we both ate. "So, I heard that you were working hard" said Chris. "Yeah, but I needed this" I said. "Oh, I see. But, why me?" ask Chris. "You are the best one I know of. You have these skills that you had for a long time. I do appreciate you" I said. "Aw, Lindsie I am glad you choose me" said Chris. "Gee Chris!" I said as I am blushing. After we eat, we went back and forth with ideals. We got to an ideal to the one he would do on Dean Ambrose, since Dean done a promo on Chris towards another wrestler. As I was going to start, Chris was getting crazy. Chris was kissing me. I was so happy, but, my focus was on this promo. So Chris grab me and he carry me on his back. "Hey! What's going on?" I ask. "I need to make out!" said Chris.

I was sure enough laughing, but confused. Chris carry me to his bedroom and place me on his bed. Sure enough we made out. I was so happy. Soon, Chris took my shirt off. "I guess you want to?" I ask. "Yes, for tonight, please?" ask Chris. "Sure thing" I said. Chris and I got all naked and we made out. Then we go at it. I was sure loving it. Chris work so hard. I know how much he is making me to love him more then ever. Chris was getting to his peek. I was screaming so hard, I was so happy. Chris got off of me and we both breath heavy. "I am in shock. That's was so awesome!" I said. "Yeah, I know" said Chris. "But, after this, I won't see you again" I said. "Oh no! You and I are going to stay together forever!" said Chris. "Chris, I can't!" I said. "Oh no, you are mine!" said Chris as he hugs me and kiss me. I laugh. "Chris! I know you mean well, but, I need to finish community college!" I said. "Why don't you transfer to Full Sail?" ask Chris. "I don't know" I said. "Well think about it. You get to do what you need and you will see me!" said Chris. "Yeah, your right" I said. "Yeah, see, I know you would be happy" said Chris. Sure enough, Chris was right about it. We kiss and then we fell asleep. Later at night, my phone rings and it was my mother. "Lindsie, where are you?" ask my mother. "Just stuck somewhere, I am sleeping in my car" I said. "Okay, good night" said my mother. "Good night" I said. I end my phone. "Is everything okay?" ask Chris. "I'm okay" I said. "Well good night" said Chris. "Good night Chris" I said. We both fell asleep so happy. Of course Chris had his arms around me.

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