A Study of Digital and Media Literacy

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In the beginning, the discipline of digital and media literacy was formally discussed by a blue ribbon panel of 17 community leaders, media and policy, the Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy. Their objectives were to evaluate the information required by communities and to prescribe strategies to assist Americans better cope with those requirements.

Informing Communities: Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age, the report of the Commission, was a great initiative on media after the Hutchins Commission and the Kerner and Carnegie Commissions during the medial decades of the 20th century.

Economy, technology and attitudes are drastically shifting when it comes to American style of communication in the digital age. The data is relatively bitty. Communication sector is no more following the same orientation as do the local bodies. The leap in approaching the digital skills and tools has a wide chasm between and posing a number of challenges yet.

The current age is offering huge impediments to the dissemination of information and news people rely on to trudge along with their complicated life style. According to the above mentioned report, digital and media literacy is being spotted as an array of human skills required to fully take part in the ongoing "information-rich" and "media-saturated" culture.

Digital and media literacy include the ability to do the following:

  • Opt conscientiously and retrieve information by hinting and sharing content and handling information and concepts
  • Evaluate the input in a variety of ways by spotlighting the author, investigating the purpose and the point of view, and examine the quality and originality of the matter
  • Produce content in different ways by awarding linguistic patterning, sound and images employing on your own communication behavior and attitude exercising social responsibility and an appropriate measure of courtesy
  • Exhibit teamwork spirit in solo capacity as well as by collaborating with others to disseminate information and address issues at home, workplace and in different social circles by assuming the status of an integral member of a given society

Expertise on digital and media literacy competencies forming core competencies of citizenship in the digital era, have huge practical importance.


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