About Art Direction - Part 2

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Ok, a few days I told you about how I work making the art direction of a movie, now I just want to share two more things about our last work "Hambre" (Hungry). In one side I want to show you one of the pages of the script with the marks that I comment in the last post, there you can see some circle marks, some yellow stripes, pink stripes and some notes, I used to make that to pick and solve everything that is in the script to see it, but also I write some notes to remind that we need to define some things that aren´t in the script, but that we need to create or find.

And in the other side, I want to share you some making of images where you are going to be able to see our work from the art direction area(make up, locations, dressing, etc). Also I´m attaching some pre-production document images to show you how we start one by one picking each element of a movie, from a single clothe to an entire room.







 Images from AVISPA

And this was a little resume of my work in an area that you don´t see frequently. Thanks again for reading!!



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